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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-23

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mAramaNanaramanege sumahA

dvAravenisuva vadanakoppuva

tOraNa smashrugaLu kEshagaLe patAkegaLu

Uri naDevaMghrigaLu jaMghaga

LUru madhyOdara shiragaLA

gAradupparigegaLu kOshagaLaidu kONegaLu..HKAS_05-23


mAramaNana = laxmIpati shrIman nArAyaNa's

aramanege = palace (our sharIra)

sumahAdvAravenisuva = main door

vadanake = face (mouth)

oppuva = well decorated

smashrugaLu = mustache

tOraNa = decorative paper/leaves/flowers chain sequence

kEshagaLe = hair on the head

patAkegaLu = flags

UrinaDevA = by pressing on Earth

aMghrigaLu = our feet

jaMghagaLu = knee and below

Uru = thighs

madhya = waist

udara = stomach

shiragaLu = head

AgArada = for the house i.e. our sharIra

upparigegaLu = upper storeys

aidu kOshagaLu = the five kOsha-s explained in HKAS_04-16 i.e. annamaya, prANamaya, manOmaya, vij~nAnamaya & AnaMdamaya

kONegaLu = rooms of the palace (sharIra)


For laxmIpati ParamAtma, our sharIra is a palace as understood from the previous stanza.


Our face (mouth) is the main door for this palace.


The mustaches above the lips are like 'tOraNa' at the main door of the palace.


The hair on the head is compared to flags.


Our feet on the ground, then the knees, waist, stomach and so on upto the head are the different floors (storeys) of the palace.


We must think that the five kOsha-s explained in HKAS_04-16 i.e. annamaya, prANamaya, manOmaya, vij~nAnamaya & AnaMdamaya are the rooms of the palace of ParamAtma. Please refer

http://dvaita.info/pipermail/dvaita-list_dvaita.info/2005-April/000704.html  for details




shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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