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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-06

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  karaNanIyAmakanu tAnupa

karaNadoLagaivatteraDu sA

virada hadinAlkadhika shatarUpaMgaLane dharisi

irutihanu tadrUpa nAmaga

Laritu pUjisutihara pUjeya

niruta kaigoMbanu tR^iuShARtanu jalava koMbaMte......HKAS_05-06


karaNanIyAmakanu = ParamAtma the prEraka for the iMdriya-s

tAnu = Himself

upakaraNadoLuage = in the puja apparatus

aivatteraDu sAvirada = 52000

hadinAlkadhika shatarUpaMgaLane = 14 + 100 =114

dharisi = totally taking 52114 rUpa-s (upakaraNa = u=4, pa=1, ka=1, ra=2, na=5 and reading this reverse we get 52114 rUpa-s)

irutihanu = exists

tadrUpa = in those rUpa-s of those apparatus

nAmagaLa = in those names in those rUpas-

aritu = with knowledge (of those names)

pUjisutihara = those who perform the pUja

pUjeya = pUja sEva

tR^iuShARtanu = like a thirsty person

jalava koMbaMte = who drinks water

niruta =always

kaigoMbanu =accepts


One has to be extremely fortunate to obtain mAnava janma. Our dEha is known sAdhana sharIra as extolled in previous saMdhi-s. Our sharIra adorned with paMchaj~nAnEMdriya-s, paMchakaRmEMdriya-s and manas are the " upakaraNagalu " i.e. the apparatus for performing sAdhana. The kaRmEMdriya-s perform their tasks in connection with the respective j~nAnEMdriya-s.


The interconnection between j~nAnEmdriya, paMcha bhUta, tanmAtra, kaRmEMdriya, manOvR^itti, paMchakOsha, vAyu rUpa, niyAmaka can be summarized as per the following table:-


Sr.No.                1                      2                      3                       4                        5

j~nAnEmdriya    Nose                Tongue             Eyes                 Skin                   Ears

paMcha bhUta    pR^ithvi            apa                   tEjasa                vAyu                 AkAsha

tanmAtra            gaMdha            rasa                  rUpa                 spaRsha             shabda

kaRmEMdriya    upastha             pAyu                pAda                 paNi                  vAgIMdriya

manOvR^itti       ahaMkAra        chitta                buddhi               manas                aMtaHkaraNa

paMchakOsha    annamaya         prANamaya      manOmaya        vij~nAnamaya    AnaMdamaya

vAyu rUpa         prANa              apAna              vyAna               udAna                samAna

niyAmaka           aniruddha          pradyumna        saMkaRShNa    vAsudEva          pradyumna


Thus the j~nAnEMdriya-s help the kaRmEMdriya-s to recognize the tanmAtra-s existing in the paMchabhUta-s and perform tasks via the manOvR^itti-s through the respective paMchakOsha-s by the respective aMtaRgata vAyu rUpa regulated by the respective niyAmaka. This explains the process relationship of " upakaraNa " .


Besides this, the apparatus used for performing dEvara pUja such as paMchapAtra, uddaraNi, nIlaMjana, halagArati, etc. are also referred as " upakaraNa " indicating that ParamAtma pervades in them with 52114 rUpa-s (upakaraNa = u=4, pa=1, ka=1, ra=2, Na=5 and reading this reverse we get 52114 rUpa-s) known by those respective names, recognized by those shapes and we must meditate on His presence in these too. ParamAtma accepts the pUja offered by those devotees who offer the same with this understanding, just as thirsty person accepts and drinks water and provides His profuse anugraha to His devotees.


However, ParamAtma is " svaramaNa " i.e. He does not expect anything from anyone. He accepts our pUja for our salvation but not for His benefit.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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