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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-05

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shrIramaNa pratimegaLoLage hadi


mUradhikavAgippa mElai


nUru rUpava dharisi ippanu ahitAchaladi


dArumathanava gaiye pAvaka


tOruvaMte pratIka suraroLu


tOrutippanu tattadAkAradali nOLparige...HKAS_05-05




shrIramaNa = laxmIpati shrImannarAyaNa


pratimegaLoLage = various types of pratima-s


hadimUradhikavAgippa = 13 more


mElainUru rUpava = above 500 i.e, 513 rUpa-s (pratima =

pra=pa+ra=1+2=3, ti=1, ma=5 and by reading reverse we get 513 rUpa-s)


dharisi ippanu = takes those many rUpa-s


ahitAchaladi = in temples where the mURti sthApana has been done -

pratima fixed at one place (achaladi) in the ahita vibhUti rUpa


dAru = forest wood


mathanava gaiye = when it is rubbed against each other


pAvaka = agni hidden the wood


tOruvaMte = comes to life


pratIka = jaDa pratima abhimAni dEvata-s


suraroLu = in chalapratima dEvata-s


nOLparige = those who meditate on aMtaRgata rUpa of the pratima


tattadAkAradali = in the shape of the pratima


tOrutippanu = would exhibit Himself




JagannAtha dAsa explains the ten vibhUti rUpa-s in the various types

of pratima-s like:-


stone pratima

kAShTa (wood) pratima

paMchalOha (an alloy) pratima

lEpya pratima (made from special medicines / chemicals)


likhita (drawn on paper or rangoli on floor) pratima


moNNu (made from clay/mud) pratima

mAnasika (drawn in the mind) pratima

maNimayi (gems and jewels) pratima



In the above in our houses, or in the pratima-s with yati-s who have

received the same by paraMpara from their seniors (either made from

Gold or paMchalOha) or at temples where the pratima-s have been

installed by proper procedure of 'pratiShThApana' by knowledgeable

people. The wood pratima of Lord JagannAtha temple at pUri is a well

known example.




He exists in 513 rUpa-s (pratima = pra=pa+ra=1+2=3, ti=1, ma=5 and by

reading reverse we get 513 rUpa-s).




The pratima-s fixed at one place in temples thus 'achala' and they

display ahita vibhUti thus JagannAtha dAsa refers them as

" ahitAcahaladi " .




In order to kindle fire during yaj~na-s we use " araNi " - the piece of

wood (taken from the Ficus Religiosa) used for kindling fire by

attrition. agni cannot be seen although it is hidden in this " araNi "

but agni comes alive when this " araNi " is rubbed vigorously against

another piece of wood.




In the same way, ParamAtma pervades in the pratimAbhimAni dEvata-s

without being seen by us. Only when we meditate with our knowledge

about His existence in those pratima-s, does He exhibit Himself by

those rUpa-s, nAma-s, shapes and provides His daRshana to his






shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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