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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-04

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kAda kAMchanadOLage shObhipa


AditEyAsyana teradi laku


mIdhavanu pratidinadi shAligrAmadoLagippa


aidusAvira mEle mUva


ttaidadhika ainUru rUpadi


bhUdharagaLabhimAni divijaroLippananavarata....HKAS_05-04




kAda =well heated


kAMchanadOLage = (in) Gold


shObhipa = shining


AditEyAsyana = agni (foremost position among the sons of aditi)


teradi = in that way


lakumIdhavanu = laxmIpati narAyaNa


pratidinadi = at all times


shAligrAmadoLage = in the shaligrAma


aidusAvira mEle = 5000 plus


mUvattaidadhika = 35


ainUru = 500 thus totalling to 5535 rUpa-s


rUpadi = rUpa-s


ippa = exists (shAligrAma, shA=5, li=3, grA= ga+ra=3+2=5, ma=5 and

reading reverse we get 5535)


anavarata = always


bhUdhara = mEru mountain


gaLabhimAni = paRvatabhimAni dEvata-s


divijaroLuge = dEvata-s


ippanu = present with His vibhUti rUpa




Gold metal is always pure. If we heat Gold in agni it would shine more

brightly. agni pervading in the Gold shines brightly. The dEvata-s

accept the yaj~na kaRma-s like vaishyadEva etc via agni and he is thus

" AditeyAsya " or " dEvamukha " .




Just like the radiance of agni in Gold the radiant Paramatma is

svayaMvyakta in shAligrAma and pervades there always with 5535 ruPa-s

as -shAligrAma, shA=5, li=3, grA= ga+ra=3+2=5, ma=5 and reading

reverse we get 5535 by the process of calculation ---- aN^kAnAM

vAmatogatiH " [counting from right to left]. Please refer




for detail explanation on aN^kAnAM vAmatogatiH as this would be

referred again further in this saMdhi.




This is nIta vibhUti rUp. shAligrAma-s do not need any special

invocation at all. Their purity would not be tainted even by chaMDala





In the same way, ParamAtma pervades in the paRvatAbhimani dEvata-s

thus " bhUdhara " .





shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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