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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-02

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  jaladharAgasadoLage charisuva

halavu jIvara niRmisihanada

roLu sajAti vijAti sAdhAraNa vishEShagaLa

tiLidu tattatsthAnadali ve

ggaLisi habbida manadi pUjisu

talavavyAptana rUpagaLa nODutale higgutiru...HKAS_05-02   


jala = in water

dhara = on the Earth

agasada = in AkAsha (space)

oLage = in these (above)

charisuva = moving about

halavu = different types of

jIvara = living beings (in Water, on Earth and in Space)

niRmisihanu = He has created

adaroLu = in those created living beings

sajAti = sajAti vibhUti rUpa (King among humans)

vijAti = vijAti vibhUti rUpa (Lion among animals)

sAdhAraNa = sAdhAraNa vibhUti rUpa (guests or unexpected visitors among general class of people)

vishEShagaLa = vishESha vibhUti rUpa (yati-s)

tattatsthAnadali = in those respective positions

tiLidu = understanding so

veggaLisi = extended in those rUpa-s

habbida = pervading ParamAtma

alavavyAptana = entirely pervaded in them

manadi = in the manas

pUjisu = worship Him

rUpagaLa = bhagavad vibhUti rUpa-s

nODutale = seeing those rUpa-s

higgutiru = be happy


JagannAtha dAsa implores us to understand the opulence in the ten types of vibhUti rUpa-s explained in the previous stanza in the living beings i.e. bhUchara-s (on Earth), jalachara-s (in Water) and khEchara-s (in Space) among the chEtana-s by worshipping them and be happy.


In entire Universe of 14 lOka-s (bhUlOka, bhuvaralOka, swargalOka, mahaRlOka, janolOka, tapolOka, satyalOka, ataLa, vitaLa, sutaLa, talataLa, rasAtaLa, mahAtaLa and pAtAlA), ParamAtma does sR^iShTi of jIva-s in various yOni-s (species) and also provides them the vibhUti. We need to understand that the vibhUti rUpa exists in the species of highest rank or order in a given type of species.


sajAti vibhUti rUpa among the mukti yOgya chEtana-s understood with the knowledge of tAratamya and paMchabhEda.

manuShyOttama-s among humans

vijAti vibhUti rUpa among tamO yOgya chEtana-s not having the knowledge of tAratamya

vijAti rUpa in chaMdra among the naxatra-s in Space.

sAdhAraNa vibhUti rUpa among nitya saMsarins.

sAdhAraNa vibhUti rUpa in the birds flying in the Sky, sthAvara jIva-s (trees) on the Earth.

vishESha vibhUti rUpa in BrahmAdi dEvata-s.


JagannAtha dAsa advises us to draw satisfaction by meditating on those respective vibhUti rUpa-s in those respective places and contemplate that He completely pervades everywhere.


shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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