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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_04-27

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  kaluSha jihvege suShThubhOjana

jala modalu viShadOruvudu ni

ShkaluSha jihvege surasa tOruvudella kAladali

sulalitAMgage sakalarasa maM

gaLavenisutihudannamaya kai

koLade biDuvane pUtaniya viShamoleyanuMDavanu......HKAS_04-27


kaluSha = for a person affected by fever (ill health)

jihvege = to the tongue

suShThu = tasty

bhOjana = good food

jala = water (and other juices)

modalu = primarily the above items and other things

viShadOruvudu = tastes like bitter poison

niShkaluSha = for the person who is healthy

jihvege = to his tongue

ella kAladali =at all times

surasa = extremely tasty (rasa)

tOruvudu = would experience

sulalitAMgage = ParamAtma whose svarUpa is extremely beautiful

sakalarasa = all svAkhya rasa-s

maMgaLavenisutihavu = would always be blissful or beneficial

annamaya = to aniruddha ParamAmtma who is called 'anna'

pUtaniya = a demoness called pUtani

viSha = full of poison

moleyana = breast

uMDavanu = ParamAtma who accepted her poisoned milk

kaikoLade = without accepting the offerings made to Him by His devotees

biDuvane = would He let go or reject it? (Meaning - He will never reject them)


A person who is affected by fever or rOga (illness) would not be able to recognize the taste of good food and he would feel the same to be bitter poison, whereas a healthy person would be able to recognize the good tastes in food and he enjoys the same. 


In the same way, this saMsAra is a mahArOga for all jIva-s and therefore their tongues do not relish the 'bhagavannAma smaraNe' and it seems like poison to them, whereas devotees who remember the Lotus Feet of the Lord constantly enjoy the rasa (taste) of all matters related to ParamAtma and the evil persons who have enmity 'rOga' towards devotees of ParamAtma feel the distaste for His 'nAma smaraNe'.


ParamAtma is an unusual mass of happiness and knowledge. ParamAtma whose svarUpa is extremely beautiful, would find that all svAkhya rasa-s in all 'bhOjya-s " to be blissful or beneficial.


During His (shrI KR^iShNa ) childhood at naMdagOkula, King kaMsa sent a demoness called pUtani to the house of YashOda (mother of KR^iShNa). pUtani entered the house when no one was around and lifted the child KR^iShNa from the cradle and fed Him with her breast poison (as milk). KR^iShNa suckled her and killed her instantly. Thus all rasa-s are accepted by ParamAtma without Him being affected by them.


All the svAkhya rasa-s are thus blissful or beneficial to ParamAtma. annanAmaka ParamAtma is the kOshAbhimAni and is known as annamaya (another name being aniruddha). Such annamaya, would He refuse to accept whatever we offer to Him? (Meaning - He would always accept whatever we offer.)



shri kR^ishnarpanamastu

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