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Noodide Gurugala Noodide……….Indu enage gOvindaa … Part 2 -Shri Vijayadasaru Series

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Gurugala Noodide………..

Indu enage

gOvindaa …

Article based on

incidents of Chippagiri Nilaya Shri Vijayadasaru


-Chippagiri Mohan

Part – 13

Part 2

After Pradikshina, Shri

Vijayadasaru with highest devotion by chanting OM Namoo Ragahavendraya Namaha taken one Udharani of thirtha to

offer to Sri Rayaru. He went on Mouna Mudra . Ten minutes passed the atmosphere is silent The disciples who

are present there and they do not have

mettle to disturb him. At that moment. Hastodaka and Thirtha vessel are kept on

the slab. Only Udharani with Tirtha is holding by Dasaru.


After some time Shri Vijayadasaru

started talking before the Rayara Brindavana . the voice is loud. The

disciples will not able to understand

what he is talking but simply they are listening in surprise. The words of Dasaru are like

this “ In this Janma I

did not seen you That’s why I came here but if you take decision like this what

will happen to me. As per your decision at the time of Brindavana Pravesha you

said you will stay in the Brindavana for 700 years. This decision is not fair

and you are depriving your Darshan of your beloved devotees I am also one among

them. In future You must bless all your devotees staying in the Brindavana this

is my sincere request on behalf of all devotees. After this he offered the

thirtha to the Rayaru. He started the singing the Kruthi on Rayaru.


Noodide Gurugala


Nodidenu Guru Raghavendrara….

He sang this Kruthi and enjoyed

by himself. After this he has offered Hastodaka to the Rayaru . he has finished

Tirtha Prasada along with his disciples and devotees.


In the evening Shri Vijayadasaru

and Shri Gopaladasaru along with the disciples they did Taratmaya Bhajane and

the devotees present were immersed in that Bhajane. Shri Vijayadasaru and Shri

Gopaladasaru did dance they both enjoyed while dancing . To watch that scene is

worth where we cannot describe with the words.


After the Bhajanae . Shri

Gopaladasaru slowly asked Gurugale I want you ask some thing to you can you

clear my doubt in his low tone. Bhaganna ask nothing to worry said shri

Vijayadasaru. In the Morning at the time of offering thirtha to the Rayaru you

are talking loudly where we are not able

to understand can you clarify me about that by pressing his legs . Oh Bhaganna that one I will

explain to you what is happened in the morning. When I am about to offer

Thirtha to the Rayaru. He was not seen in the Brindavana and I am astonished to

see that and I am also worried at that time. Afterwards I came to know with my

Divya Drusti that Rayaru went to PanchaMukhi to offer tirtha to Pranadevaru. In

my Sukshma roopa I went to Panchamukhi

and spoken to Rayaru and requested him always stay in one Roopa in Brindavna to

serve the devotees for my request . I also told him a common man who do not about this and he will be in

confusion Shri Rayaru accepted for my request. From that moment he entered the Brindavana That why I have sang that kruthi . Shri Rayaru

is staying in the Narayana Chakra Roopa

and blessing his beloved devotees. Bhaganna this is the incident that has

taken place in the morning. After listening the words from Shri Vijayadsaru.

Shri Gopaladasaru eyes filled with tears and he

felt happy and extended his thanks to Lord Sri Hari who has gifted this

extraordinary and magnificent Guru .


A 40 year old devotee of who has took blessings from Shri

Vijayadasaru in Chikkalaparvi is

watching this incident standing far away merely watching them and seeing their

relationships his heart filled with contentment. Shri Vijayadasaru glanced his

eyes over this devotee at that time the devotee is standing with folded hands.

At that time Shri Vijayadasaru eyes are sharp and he had a small smile on his

face. He called that devotee by rasing his hand. The Devotee came slowly to him

with utmost devotion . He prostrated before him . shri Vijayadasaru lifted him

and kept his hand on his head. The

devotee eyes are filled with tears and he is not able to utter any word and

standing silently. After that Shri Vijayadasaru moved from that place. The

devotee prostrated before the Rayaru and waited for his blessings


Shri Vijayadasaru showed the sparkling Rayara brindavana to

all his disciples and devotees . At that

time there was a thundering and Lighting in the sky . They are all felt happy

by chanting Rayaru Stotra and immersed in praising him. They are also praised

Sri Vijayadasaru and Shri Gopladasaru for their greatness.


With the blessings from Hari Vayu

Gurugalu I close this episode on Tunga Teera

Nivasa and Moola Ramadevara Poojitha Shri Rayaru. I thank the HariBhakthas who

helped me in writing this episode. On

the occasion of Shri Rayaru Vardanthi I brought this beautiful episode before

you . Send your feedback to vijayadasaru.


“apEkshitapradaatanyO raaghavEndraan na vidyatE……..â€..

-shri appannachaaryaru


Ramana Mukhya Prana antargatha SriKrishnarapanamastu

To be


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