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Samprokshanam of Sathyagalam Rajagopuram

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Respected Bhagavathas,


Namaskaram to you all. I want your attention for five mins and read this mail.


You all know that Sathyagalam was dear to Swami Desikan because due to the

turbulence in Srirangam Swami followed the course of Mother river Cauvery and

reached here. In the year 2003 nobody knew much about Sathyagalam. We all must

have read about it , and we did not know much about the place. My Distant cousin

and my Astrological Guru Sri K R Arulaalan ( He comes in Zee Kannada and

conducts Astrological programme daily morning) first told about the place, Then

my dear bandhu Sri Diwakar Kannan first put the Sathyagalam annual

Thirunakshtram pictures and it awoke my curiosity and the he in turn put me on

to Sri K R Krishnaswami mama and Sri B S Shevanarayan Mama, I offered them my

service of making a website for Sathyagalam. They briefed the Archakar Swami Sri

Madhavan about my arrival ( Now he is my dear friend and more or less like my

family member) Then one fine early winter morning in the month of November 2003

I started my first trip to Sathyagalam in Motor Bike a

rmed with my Camera . I remember very well that i started at 5.30 Am and nonstop

I drove to Sathyagalam temple. I did not have anything enroute because I wanted

to have the Darshan of Swami Desikan in Ninra Thirukolam. I reached at 8.30 Am

,Since Madhavan Swami had to come from Kollegal in Cycle , I had time at my

disposal , Then visited the Mother Cauvery's banks and also the Gyana Ashwatha .

Then Madhava Swami came and started the Prasadam preparation , then after

finishing it he took me around the temple. There was no current. He told current

may come at 1 Pm. then he gave me the Dhadhi Yona Prasadam, it was like Deva

Amrutha, Then current did not come and i had to take the picture with Gas Light

( Now with Sri K R Arulaalans help one generator is there in place). Then

visited Madhyarangam and then went back to Bangalore in the evening. Then within

a week first website for Sathyagalam was in place and it was announced in all

e-group by my mentor Dr.V.Sadagopan Mama of USA

, with blessings of Perumal , Pirati ,Bhagavath Ramanuja , Swami Desikan and

all Acharyans of Vaishnava Sampradaya, I could host the website from my own

pocket ( Of course it is the ALMS given by Perumal and Pirati) . Then within a

month I visited along with my father in Motor bike for Vaikunta Ekadeshi at

Madhayaranagam and then I went and took blessings of Swami Desikan at

Sathyagalam. Then again within a month i visited few Kshtram with my Guru Bratha

Sri Haresh of Singapore ( Presently in Mumbai due to Loukikam) . At one point of

time in Singapore i was known as Sathyagalam Sridhar (I cherished being called

like that, My native is Kalyanapuram , but now we are settled in Bengaluru. Now

I plan to spend my last leg of my life in Sathyagalam, I am sure Swami Desikan

will bless me). Then next year’s Thirunakshtram I attended. By that time Raja

Gopuram work had started and work was progressing. That years Thirunakshtram

picture was hosted www.pbase.com/svami. The years pro

gressed and I have been updating you of the Rajagopuram Project now and then (

Recently there was a mail in e-groups that not to donate anything without

verifying the antecedes of the projects ) I am thankful to Anbil Ramaswamy Mama

USA ( Incidentally Mama and I had a telecon yesterday , he enquired my welfare,

he was in Bangalore enroute to Melkote) and Sri Madhava Kannan Anna ( Moderators

of Sri Ranga Sri Group and it is one of the largest e-group ) for allowing my

appeals for Sathyagalam Rajagopuram project. I have given them the Sri Mukham

copies of yathivara’s. Every year you have seen the Thirunakshtram Picture

celebration from Sathyagalam by Me or Sri Diwakar (I have observed due to

Loukikam either one of us only attend and bring you the visual treat).


Now I am coming to point, it is very good news that the last leg of Rajagopuram

work is on. The 108 idols have been placed in Gopuram, The painting work

started, They have also simultaneously started the renovation of Perumal and

Thayar Sannidhi. ( With all your blessings Perumal has given me an opportunity

do the kainkaryam of doing samarpanam of 5 main Kalasam for Rajagopuram and also

Kalasam for Thayar Sannidhi) It will be placed shortly . This temple is under

Parakala Mutt , There is a old Mutt building within temple premises and it is

in very bad Shape, it has to be renovated ( Any Acharyan Swami’s of Vaishnava

Sampradaya when they visits Sathyagalam can use it ) If any Mahanubhava comes

forward to do this kainkaryam they are welcome please contact any one of the

person mentioned below.


The Maha Samprokshanam is fixed on 16th May 2010. So Desika Abhimanis staying at

abroad or any part of India who want to take part in the Grand event please mark

it in your dairy and do attend it.


Since it is the last leg of the Kainkaryam ,more funds will be required. Sri

Krishna Swamy Mama has given the details of funds required. It is available in

the below link. All these days you all have co-operate in this big Kainkaryam

which is happening after many 100's of years.




Rush in your contribution to :


Sri K.R.Krishnaswami (Hon. Secretary / Project Co-coordinator) (Bangalore) #

189, Third Model Street Basavanagudi, Bangalore - 560 004.+91 80 26767528 /+91

9902058417/ 9740067078. His mail id is krishkrk or



Or contact


Sri B S Shelvanarayan at # 381,4th Main, 7th Cross Saraswathipuram, Mysore - 570

009 ,+91-821-2543392(Mysore)+91-8231-240168(Belakawadi).Mobile:9880417514.

Amount may be drawn in favour of Sathyagalam Desika Sabha,S B A/c 0867101015557

Canara Bank Saraswathpuram ,Mysore :570009. Or Tranfer can be done by core

banking. Kindly do inform the details to Shevanarayan Mama after transferring so

that he can send you the receipt.


I am very happy to inform you that with the blessings of Perumal , Pirati

,Bhagavath Ramanuja , Swami Desikan and all Acharyans of Vaishnava Sampradaya

and special blessings of Asmath Acharyan H H Rangapriya Swami ( Who encourages

me to do good deeds) I maintain few religious websites connected with different

temples , Infact it is your encouragement ,your good wishes that I am

maintaining them with my own resources, I cannot understand why people ask me

how much money I get paid if a visitor visits my website. Inspite of explaining

them that mines is not a commercial website,(you can observe that there are no

advertisement or banners in my website). Anyhow GOD only knows it, that I am

doing it as service to society. Let people understand it.


Now we are in the last leg of the journey and you will hear lesser number of

appeals from me regarding Sathyagalam Rajagopuram. I Think once Samprokshanam is

held on 16th May 2010, you will hear from me only during Annual Thirunakshtram.


I thank you all for the patient reading.


Sri Rangapriya Smaranam

Asuri Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar

Cell: 9448322378 & 08050778093 (Tata Docomo)

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