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Raama navami - Announcement of Bhagavad Araadhanam and Sandhyavandhanam DVD releases

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SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya nama:


Dearest all,


On the day of Sri Raama navami, the birthday of our Lord Sri Rama- the

personification of Dharma- we are happy to annouce the release of two DVDs.


Message from Sri U Ve VN Venkatanathan Swami


Good news is that at last a fresh DVD has been released by Srimad

Poundarikapuram Swami Asramam on the 90th Thirunakshathram day on March 21st.

This time, it has been managed to ensure the sale of these DVDs at a very

economical price of Rs. 100/- for two DVDs - One DVD is Yajur Veda Trikaala

Sandhyavandanam and another DVD is Salagrama Thiruvaradhanam.


This can be got either from the Asramam Premises at Srirangam or at

Thiruneermalai Asramam, Chennai or from Sri Nrisimhapriya Office, Chennai.


Please note the total cost is only Rs. 100/- for these two DVDs.


Please keep all advised of this.



V N Venkatanathan


We are mandated to perform trikala sandhyavandhanam, without which we are

disqualified even to enter into the temple...


Upanyanam shall be performed preferably at a young age. Make sure that

the boy is given ample time after the upanayanam (as was in my son's case), say

a month free time to learn and by heart the sandhyavandhanam fully.


Make sure those who are Brahmins PERFORM WITHOUT FAIL, the daily

sandhyavandhanam. It does not matter whether you go and pray to Ranganthan

daily or two times a day and recite as many verses as possible; if one does not

do sandhi. Lord will be ANGRY and consider you as Karma chaNdaaLan, if you do

not do sandhyavandhanam. The chaNdaaLan is by birth and he can not help. It is

his previous karma. You are born a Brahmin and you choose to become a chaNdaaLan

- a karma chaNdaaLan by abstaining from doing sandhyavandhanam. (His Holiness

once gave an example: your son is a good boy- helps you at home and obeys you-

hugs you; but does not go to school or study. Will you get angry or feel pleased

that he however likes me and hugs me.. ?)


Swami had said " Even the Lord when he goes outstation for uthsavam gets His

daily quota of His Aradhanams that he had missed, carried out in toto, along

with the usual ones.. " - Thus, even if we miss a day's sandhyavandhanam due to

flight or illness, we can do it the next day with praayaachhithham along with

that day's sandhyavandhanam. BUT NOT TO BE MIS


Swami used to ask: " look at the muslim in the train when you travel. At that

prayer time, he says " saami.. please shift a bit and he spreads his towel for

doing namaaz (prayer).. he does not want to miss even that prayer. " The

Christians do not miss the Sunday prayers at all. Why should we ignore our



When one does sandhyavandhanam with just 28 Gayatri everytime, it takes

only 8 mins to finsh once. 3 * 8= 24 mins a day. Out of 24 hours, all that I am

asking you to devote is: 24 mins. Can we not do?


But, you may say.. I have not been doing for many years.. I don't know. I

am shy to ask some one. That's why the DVDs come handy...


Those who do not do sandhyavandhnam at all is to be considered as

" theettu " Nithya theettu. At least ladies cannot touch the altar or do pooja on

those three days. You cannot do ON ANY DAY, buddy. You are completely

disqualified from even entering into the temple. Will you allow a dhoora sthree

enter the Rangatnathan sannidhi if you know she is in the cycle..? You are the

same. She can at least go to temple after 3 days. You can never enter.


it is adiyEn's appeal to those of you, who do not do sandhyavandhanam: Please

start at least now. Better late than never. Only if we do, will our children do.

For the sake of younger generation, let us do regularly without fail.


Hence, please purchase the DVDs and get benefitted to receive the blessings of

Divya Dampathi, Acharya purushas.


Acharyan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Namo narayana


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