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Fw: Srimad Thirukkudandai Andavan's TN 25th March - Panguni-Pushyam

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----- Forwarded Message ----sriram ramanujam <sriram3Wed, 24 March, 2010 9:17:53 AMSrimad Thirukkudandai Andavan's TN 25th March - Panguni-Pushyam

The 104th Thirunakshatram of one of the Greatest Acharyan's of the recent times - Srimad Vedantha Ramanuja Mahadesikan who ascended the Peetam of the Ashramam on April 4th 1963 as the 9th Peetadhipathi falls on Thursday 25th March.

People of all walks of life were attracted to him for his Gyanam, VairAgyam and AnushTAnam and most importantly his Upanyasams and Kalakshepams.


Those that have listened to his upanyasams can never forget his sweet voice, esoteric meanings that he interspersed with abundant jokes relating to life in general. If all of us have thought Deva Perumal spoke only to Thirukacchi nambi or Udayavar, you probably did not hear Srimad Andavan talk or enquire about your welfare - he was none other.


Among the many visionary ideas he layed out Sri Ranganatha Paduka publication in Tamil stands among the foremost. And now with the efforts of his sishyas an English version is being brought out by Srimad Andavan Ashramam. Please consider gifting a subscription to your children, neice, nephews, cousins, friends on the occasion of his thirunakshatram for just $12/Yr. to go directly into their e-mail boxes.

The web may be replete with articles with many a knowledgable people, but articles in this magazine are throughly vetted, edited by a panel of scholars and most importantly blessed by Acharyan. So no more excuses about physical addresses changing for those kids in college or on the move, email addresses are here to stay and even if it means reading a few articles, $12 should make it worth while. Please send email to ramanaravamudhan if you would like to .


Adiyen would like to reminisce a few experiences of the Acharyan who -

1. Came out of the ashramam to make sure we all got on the scooter and were on our way home late at night on our daily visits

2. Never forgot to enquire his sishyas if they got their wife 'Pattu podavai' (in those days it sure was novelty).

3. Enquired how people made sakkara pongal, if they used jajikai and rose petals to give it the special flavor. It is to be noted that his description of Amudhu has no comparison. In all his upanyasam all you could listen was his expression of 'Ascharyama irukkum' - a mere thayir sadham, dadhiyOdhanam can only be described by Srimad Andavan and none else.

4. Just stopped by sishyas homes enroute to another Dolai by walk, has made many announced visits to sishyas homes, if this was'nt Perumal's grace what else is...

5. Walked out to a private taxi waiting outside and request the driver to wait for a few extra minutes until we finished prasadam at the ashramam while visiting him from out of town.

6. Asked for a purse to make sure sishyas that visited him had enough money to make the trip back home, he would'nt believe it but had to see it hinself. Sure back those were days of Public sector/Govt earnings where money was just enough for most.

7. Never forgot to ask the right question to the right person, however trivial it was - If a court case was settled, a sick mother-in-law feeling better, a house bought or a troublesome tenant gone!!. If a sishyan was worried he absolutely was with everybody

8. Had the sharpest eyes that was filled with karuNai and grace, if you have'nt seen this in Perumal you could in him and even today just take a look at one of his Photos and you will see it.

9. Was determined to walk all the way back to Srirangam from Chennai even after a massive heart attack much against everybody's wishes.

adiyen can go on and on..but he was the 9th and let me stop at that for now.


We all should be thanking Perumal not for the wonderful that we live, but for having given us an Acharyan like Srimad Thirukudanthai Andavan. Happy celebrations!!.





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