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Thirukudanthai Andavans greatness

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Respected Bhagavathas,


My humble namaskaram to you all. Today is the Thirunakstram of H H

Thirukudanthai Andavan ( Srimath Vedantha Ramanuja Maha Desikan ) of Srimath

Srirangam Andavan Ashram. I had the bhagayam of having darshan of Swamy few

times. He used to shower his Vathsalyam on me ( By nature he is like that ) ,

but there was special reason because was the good childhood friend of my

Maternal Grandfather and Paternal Grandmother, He was our neighbor in

Thirukudanthai. I am one of the Great Grandson of H H KaTandethi Anavan (I not

mentioning these things to boast , please dont mistake , last time some good

soul took objection to it. Today i am bring some facts for you all how the

Picture of my Ellu Tha Tha H H KaTandethi Andavans Picture was published in 80th

Thirunakshartram ( Shathabhishekam Malar) , please follow the link to read it



See Thirukudanthai Andavans Greatness.pdf





Sri Rangapriya Smaranam

Asuri Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar

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