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Request for Sri Bashyam

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Dear Swamin,I need Sri Bashyam by ramanujar book for my appa. Can i know were it is available.Send me the address.sujathasrinidhi 1921; andavan ; desikasampradaya ; oppiliappan ; parakalamatham ; Srisathyanarayanaperumal_Mambalam ; srivaishnavan; tiruvenkatam CC: asurisudharsanan; muralibattar; rajdivyas; ramji_iyengar; ivkchary; krishna.neela2001; mksudarshan2002; parthapondy; vvraghuja; madhurangarajan; rangaswamy_m; rbadri; mugundv; saranga; jithamitraFrom: srikainkaryaDate: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 19:17:28 +0530 Panguni Uthram [2 Attachments]





[Attachment(s) from soundararajan desikan included below]

Dear SwaminIn the previous letter, Adiyen said about the anugraham by Sriranga NachiyarNow, we can see it furtherFirst, purushakaara Saranagathi" Bhagavan Naaraayanabimathaanuroopa swarooparoopagunavibhava aiswaryaseelaathi anavadhigaasayaa sankkyeya kalyanagunaganaampadmavanaalayaam,bhagavatheemsriyamdeveemnithyaanabhayineemniravadhyaam devedeva divya mahisheemakhilajaghanmaadharamasmanmaadharamasaranya saranyaamananyasarana:saranamaham prapathyey | Piratti is having divya aathma swaroopam,divya thirumeni, blooming

appearance,abundant beauty,virtuous qualities, unimaginable wealth,ability,strength,courage etc to govern the entire universe like Her husband Sriman Naaraayanan Piratti is ever residing in the lotus pond ( lotus forest ). She is the " Pattamahishi " of Devan of all Devas.She is having mother's affection with all. She is the refuge toall who do not have any supportAdiyen has no means to protect myself. Adiyen requests to take the responsibility of protecting adiyen duly surrendering myself, the responsibility of protection and the phala that accrues through this protection We continue to see furtherPaaramaarththika bhagavath charanaaravindhayugalaAikanthigathyanthika parabhakthi paragjana paramabakthikrutha paripoornaanavaratha nithyavisathathama ananyaprayojana anavathikasayapriya

bhagavathanubhavajanitha anavathikaasaya preethikaaritha aseshaavasththochitha aseshaseshathaigarathiroopa nithyakainkarya praapthyabekhsyaa paaramaarthikee bhagavthcharanaaravindha saranaagathi: yathavasthithaa avirathaasthumey| To this Sriranga Nachiyar replied which we have seen in the previous letterNow, Swamin, you would have understood the Mahacharyan to whom Sri Ranga Nachiyar repliedWe will see it in the next letter Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam



Uruppattur Soundararajan


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