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Dear all,


What is meant by Utsavam? All the time we hear about Utsavams in temples in India and abroad. Let us look in to the meaning.


One meaning of the word " sava " is flow. So " ut-savam " means the " upward-flow. " The  question of " flow of what? " comes. In the spiritual context (that we use) it means the " the flow of Atma or Chittham to higher planes " . When the flow of thoughts rise to higher spiritual planes, one becomes free from all the three types of sorrows, namely Aadhibhauthikam, Aadhyathmikam and Aadhidaivikam. (sorrows arising from others, arising from self and arising from Devas or nature). So all our Utsavams are supposed to elevate our mind to higher spiritual levels.


Also there are three more definitions for the word Utsavam, slightly different from each other.


1.  " Uth soothe harsham ithi Utsava: " meaning " that which produces harsham or happiness " . 


2. Uthbhoothasthu savoyasmaath thasmaad uthsava uchyathe meaning " that from which shubham or mangalam or best things are born.


3. " uthkrushta ayam yatha: thasmaath utsava: ithi keerthyathe "   meaning  " most auspicious and significant event "


Which ever meaning we take utsavam is meant for uplifting our spiritual level


There are three types of utsavaas: Nithyam, Naimitthikam and Kaamyam.


Nithyotsavam is the utsavams that we celebrate periodically like Krishnashtami, Navaratri etc.


Naimitthikothsavam is celebrated to receive blessings of the God or Goddess for relief from natural calamities


Kaamyothsavam is celebrated to achieve a desire. It can be worldly, personal desires like getting a child or any desire that sprouts from pure devotion, like renovating an old temple, or for the welfare of the world.


Let all utsavams in our temples create " ut-savams " in our mind uplifting our Jeevathmas towards Paramaathma.


Regards and prayers




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