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Dear all,


Here is an amazing real life story of Shri Sharada Devi. After her Father's sudden death, once Sharada Devi went to her  house to help her mother and younger brothers. During this time Sree Ramakrrishna Paramhahamsar was alone in Dakshineswaram. So after helping her mother for a few months, Sharada Devi was travelling back to Dakshinewaram to serve Paramahamsar. She joined a small pilgrimage group and they had to walk about 60 miles through several villages to reach Dakshineswaram. In some villages very few people lived and often thieves and rowdies looted and even killed travellers.


There was a place called Thelo- Bhelo which was especially unsafe and they were rushing to go past that place and reach Tharakeswaram before sunset. Sharada Devi could not walk as fast as her group members and by sunset, she was far behind them. She was walking alone and immediately a very tall and dark male form appeared in front of her. There was another person also behind him. He asked her who she was and why was she there at that time.


Sharada Devi told him: " Dear father, I was walking with a group of pilgrims and I could not catch up with them and was left behind. Can you help me to join them? Your son-in-law Sree Ramakrishnan is in Dakshineswaram and I am going there to serve him. Please help me to get there. "


By that time the person behind him also appeared and she was his wife. Sharada Devi  spoke these innocent words to her : " Dear mother, I am your daughter Sharada. I am in great danger and it is my punyam that I met both of you here. Now you are my parents in this lonely place. Please help me " .


They were robbers who came there when they heard the foot steps of the pilgrims. But they were moved by Sharada Devi's innocence and pious nature and let her stay in a hut that night and with all kindness took her to Tharakeswaram to join the pilgrim group.


Sharada Devi saw them as her own parents and that innocent love and her saatwic nature erased the negative thoughts from their mind and sowed the seeds of kindness. This once again proves the satsangamahima. 


regards and prayers





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