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Desikasthothramala- Sristhuthi

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Sri sthuthi


This sthothrawas also composed in Srirangam when a brhmachari came to Cdesika

and expressed his inabilty to get enough money for getting married. Desika took

him to the sannidhi of Sriranganayaki and composed this sthothra then and there

and there was a shower of gold coins which he gave to the brahmachari. This is a

similar incident as in the life of Sankara who produced the shower of gold

nellikkais (emblic myrabolans) to help a poor brahmin lady who felt sad that she

did not have anything to give him for bhisha except a rotten nellikkai.It shows

the power of saint devotees.


1. maanaatheethapraThitha vibhavaam mangalam


vakshaHpeeTeem maDhuvijayinaH bhooshayantheem


prathyakshaanuSravikamahimaa praarThineenam janaanaam


Sreyomoorthim Sriyam asaranaH thvaam SaraNyaam



I, who has no other refuge, surrender to you, Sreedevi, of glorious form,who is

proclaimed of immeasurable greatness,the auspiciousness of the auspicious,who

illuminates the chest of Lord Naryana with her lustre and who is the resort of

those who wish for glory in this world and the next.


aSaranaH- having no other refuge


prapadhye- I surrender to


thvam – you


Sriyam- Sreedevi


maanaatheethapraThitha vibhavaam- whose greatness, vibhava, is procalimed,

praThitha, to be immeasurable, maanaatheetha


mangalam- who is the auspiciousness


mangalaanaam- of the auspicious


bhooshayantheem- who embellishes


vakshaHpeeTeem- the chest


maDhuvijayinaH of the destroyer of Madhu



Saranyam-and who is the resort of all

Sreyomoorthim- the embodiment of good fortune



Janaanaam- for those


praarThineenam- who pray for


prathyakshaanuSravika mahimaa-glory in thisworld, prathyaksha, and the next,


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