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Narada Muni , the guru of Vedavyas, was a great devotee of the Lord.

He had super-natural powers and had the ability to travel whereever he wished ,

in heaven or on earth.

Once he was on his way to visit the Supreme Person when on the way he saw a yogi

sitting in the forest IN MEDITATION. when the yogi saw Narada, he realised that

Narada ws no ordinary mortal. On enquiry Narada revealed his name and said he

was on his way to vaikundha to see the Lord.

The Yogi asked if Narada could do him a small favor. He requested Narada to ask

the Lord when he will be liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

Narada agreed and moved on.

After a while he met a cobbler who seeing and recognising him to be a muni paid

his respects and equired where he was headed to. Narada said he was on his

routine visit to vaikundha.

The cobbler said : Please ask the Lord if and when I will get my freedom from

this earthly life.

Narada promised to do that and proceeded on his journey.

When in the Lord's presence they discussed many matters and

before departure, he put forward the questions raised by the Yogi and the


Bhagavan said:

Tell the Yogi that he will have to spend one hundred life years before he can

think of salvtion but tell the Cobbler this is his last life on earth and then

he joins me beause he is one of my favorite devotees. And by the way, Narada,

they will ask you what I was doing when you met me.

Tell them You saw me threading elephants through the eye of a needle.

On reaching earth, Narada met the Yogi nd told him what the Lord had said. Yogi

was very upset and angry and accused Narada of cheating and telling lies. When

he said Bhagavan was threaing elephants though needle eye the Yogi got more

furious and refused to believe that Narada was even a saint.

When Narada narrated the news to the Cobbler the poor man was overjoyed and

started dancing and chanting Bhgavan's praises.

when told that the Lord was busy threading elephants through the needle's eye,

the Cobbler started lughing and crying and dancing with

joy and excitement. Narada asked him why he was so happy on hearing

such an unbelievable statement,

The cobbler said: Nothing is impossible for the Lord.

He then picked a fruit from hundreds that had fallen from the Banyan tree and

gave it to Narada and said;

The Lord has put tens of thousnds of these fruits on each Banyan tree and each

fruit there are thousnds of tiny seeds.

In each seed the Lord has placed a giant Banyan tree as big as the one

we are sitting under.


And still we wonder how He could pass an elephant through the eye of a needle !


The Lord's leelas are inconceivable. May His holy name be glorified.


jai shree krishna !


Achuthan Nair

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