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Sri Rama Navami - 24th March 2010.

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Sri RamaJayam!! Sri RamaJayam!! Sri RamaJayam!! Sri Raama Raama Raameti Rame Raame Manorame.


Tattulyam Raamanaama Varaanane.

The festival of Ram Navami is the celebration of birthday of the Hindu God,

Shri Ram. Shri Ram was the seventh incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Vishnu and born

in Ayodha, an ancient Indian city. Rama Navami is celebrated on the ninth day

of Hindu month of Chaitra (April). Ram Navami marks the end of nine day long

festival called Chaitra Navratri or Vasanta Navratri. On this auspicious day

devotees observes fasting, visits temples to offer special prayers, takes

religious processions and the special readings of Ramayana are also hold.


Lord Rama is revered by Hindus all over as the embodiment of truth, of

morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband and above all, the ideal king. On

the day of Rama Navami the birth of Rama is remembered for his prosperous and

righteous reign.


His Divine Life

Rama, the perfect avatar of the Supreme Protector Vishnu, is an all-time

favorite among Hindu deities. The most popular symbol of chivalry and virtue,

Rama the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband and

above all, the ideal king. The heroic deeds of Rama and his exciting adventures

have inspired generations of people.


Importance Of Fasting On Ram Navami

A Ram devotee keep a strict fast on Ram Navami, because the Ram Navami vrata is

considered to be one of the five most important vratas in the ancient times.

According to the ancient religious texts, it is imperative for every devotee to

observe the Ram Navami vrat, as it is the only easy mean of gaining happiness

in the material world and achieving salvation at the same time. Celebrations

It is said that Rama fulfills the wishes of all those who pray to him on this

day. On this day, temples are decorated and the image of Lord Ram is richly

adorned. The holy Ramayana is read in the temples. At Ayodhya, the birthplace

of Sri Rama, a big fair is held on this day. In South India the Sri Ramnavami Utsavam is celebrated for nine days with great fervour and

devotion. Traditional worship begins with chanting Vedic mantras dedicated to

Vishnu, and offering flowers and fruit to the god. Satsangs and public

gatherings are organized to commemorate the birth of Lord Ram. Excerpts from

the "Ramacharitamanas", praising Lord Ram, are recited. Lord Ram's

devotees, fast for nine days with fruit and milk, whilst some fast on the ninth

day only. UTSAVAMS - SRI RAMA NAVAMI:http://www.anjaneyaswami.com/sriramanavami.asp Best

Regards, Swaminathan


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