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Irrespective of preferences, likeability, conveniences etc study and apply consistently and persistently what is said in the BG verse 3 / 6 & 7 - "karmendriyANi .... vishiShyate". It allows one to succeed and excel in all activities, worldly and otherwise. Perhaps, the only method available to gain 'santhushti'. (crystallised ' SanthOsham).








Corollary: copied from:http://www.ibiblio.org/sripedia/ebooks/vdesikan/tdesikan/dsahasranama/ds020-100.html



what are the five kinds of banishment based on discriminating intellect that led to 'SanthOsham' for Swamy Desikan?1)SudhAram: Becoming free from desire through an understandingof the defects in the enjoyemnt of objects acquired fromRoopa, Rasa ,Gandha ,sparsa and sabdha senses (KarmEndhriyams)and Jn~Endhriyams.2)SupAram: Developing detatchment after knowing aboutthe difficulties in protecting the acquired materialwealth.(3)SunEthram: Developing detachment from them knowingthat sorrow alone can result from the loss of materialwealth .(4) SumArIcham: Becoming detached and happy by knowing the need for disassociation from them.(5) Abhayam: developing detatchment and true happinessfrom

avoiding the himsA dhOsham arising from clinging tomaterial acquisitions and fighting to protect them fromslipping .For elimination of (excessive) greed , one has to cultivate Thushti. Santhushti is the state of contentment( pOthumenRa manathE ponn sey marunthu ).This santhushtiis achieved by the practise of the above five kinds ofcomprehensions.Swamy Desikan comments in this context in Sankalpa SooryOdhayam : saishA panchamukhI thushti:--grasathE lObha-bhUshakam



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