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Namasthe- Hanuman and Bhimasena 8

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This story is beautifully shown in Kathakali by name "Kalyanasougandhikam". However, in kathakali, it is shown that Bhima was arrogant and to humble him, Hanuman lay as a small monkey on his way to pick the flower. Bhima got angry and asked the vanara to move from the way. The monkey said it was very tired and could not move at all, so will he move it aside? Bhima, as if it is a child's play took his gada and tried to move its tail but couldnt do it. Bhima understood it was no ordinary monkey and asked and then Hanuman tells him. Then Bhima wanted to see Hanuman's form as he was when he jumped to Lanka, Hanuman tries to dissuade Bhima telling the latter might be afraid. After much requests, Hanuman agrees and shown His real form seeing which Bhima faints. Hanuman wakes him up, embraces him and tells him where to look for the flower.

This part is also well done in Ootam Thullal, I remember the verses of Bhima asking Hanuman to move - "nokkeda nammude marge kidakkunna markada neeyonu marikidaseda".

Jai Sree Krishna




Savitri Puram <savitriopuramWed, October 28, 2009 1:01:42 PM[Guruvayur] Namasthe- Hanuman and Bhimasena 8


Dear all,


While Arjuna went to get the blessings of Lord Shiva other Paandavaas also decided to go for a pilgrimage with Draupadi. One day Bhimasena was relaxing with Draupadi on a river bank near Gandhamaadana forest. In the nice breeze, a flower came and fell in Draupadi's lap. It was a beautiful flower with a mind-stealing fragrance. Draupadi told Bhima about her intense desire to get a few more of those. Bhima wanted to please Draupadi and set out in search of the flower called Kalyaana sougandhikam.


He walked in the direction of the flowing fragrance from the flowers and on his way he saw an old monkey lying down blocking his way. Bhima did not want to jump across the monkey and requested the monkey to move away from his path. Monkey said he was too old and could not move swiftly. Then Bhima told him to at least move his huge tail to one side so that he could walk by the side and get to the flower bearing trees. Monkey ignored this suggestion and started asking Bhima, who he was and what was the purpose of going to the other side of the forest etc. Bhima was a little irritated by the old monkey's behaviour, but controlling his anger he told him :


"My name is Bheemasena and I am a Pandava Prince. My father is Vaayu Bhgavaan. Have you heard Aanjaneya or Hanuman who was a great Bhaktha of Lord Rama? I am his younger brother. Hanuman also is the son of Vaayu Bhgaavaan. That is why we are brothers. Anyway, I do not have time to talk to you at length. Please remove your tail or I will have to use force. If you still do not want to move away from my path, I will have to forget that you are an old monkey and throw you out with the help of my Gada. I came to get the Kalyana sougandhikam flowers for my wife Draupadi."


The old monkey told Bhima: "Dear Pandava Prince, my pranaams. Please remove the tail to one side by yourself and then you can get the flowers from those trees standing there."


Bhima reluctantly touched his tail and tried to move it to one side. At the first attempt it did not move and Bhima used a little bit of his strength and tried again. To his surprise, it did not move even an inch. So he used all his strength and tried to move it and it would not move. He could not believe that he was unable to move the tail of an old monkey lying in front of him. He tried several times and frustrated and embarrassed he asked the monkey: "Tell me who you are. You are not an ordinary monkey. I am Bhimasena and I am known for my strength. I have killed the demon Baka and several pillars of strength and this is the first time I am encountering somebody I could not win by my physical strength. Please reveal me who you are."


Old monkey slowly sat down near the tired Bhima and told him: "My dear younger brother, I am Aaanjaneya or Hanuman, your favorite elder brother. I came here to meet you and bless you. This mountain side is not very safe. So please get the flowers for Draupadi when I am here and we will again meet in the battle field. As per Bhagavaan's order, I will remain on the Panadava flags and help you win against the unjust Kauravaas."


Saying this Hanumanji embraced his younger brother Bhima and helped him to get the flowers. Bhima also was delighted to see his brother, did namaskaar to him and went back to Draupadi with the Kalyanasougandhikam flowers. Vaayu Bhgavaan embraced both His children by blowing a cool and fragrance filled breeze!



VaayusoonO namaamyaham



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