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Namasankeerthanam makes the Kali Yuga a blessed one indeed!!!

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Please note this is a message for propogating chanting of the Mahamantra worth circulating and I am not the original composer...





"Ya Yetanmama Bhakteshu sampradadhyaat |

tasyaaham brahmadaayasya dadaamyaatmaanamaatmana" ||

------ Lord Krishna, in his final instructions to His devotee and disciple Uddhava, says, "Jnaana daana" (imparting spiritual knowledge) is the highest of all services that can be rendered to mankind."

By `Jnaana daana' the Lord means the Divine knowledge that will take people across the ocean of transmigration (`samsara saagara') and not mere worldly knowledge.


Well! What is Divine Knowledge? It is verily the knowledge of the way to Lord Krishna! And, should not the way be the simplest one whence people caught in the turmoil of Kali Yuga cry for a way of escape? And, that simple, easy route of escape is verily NAMASANKIRTAN – chanting the Divine Name of the Lord!

The `cursed' Kali Yuga, which is said to be the Age of the wicked is also a `blessed' one, for, in this Age mere uttering the Divine Name of the Lord would suffice to reach the Lotus Feet of the Lord!


Our Mahans, the torchbearers of Sanatana Dharma, have always advocated only that which has been spoken by the Vedas; for, the Vedas is verily the Lord's intellect. The Vedas have shown innumerable ways to attain the Feet of the Lord. However, the chosen way should adhere to the words of the Vedas and also suit the Age of our existence. And, the Maha Mantra "Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!" is a way advocated by the Vedas as well the tailor made for this Age.


The following conversation between Sri Narada Maharishi and Lord Brahma is found in Kali Santarana Upanishad.

At the end of Dvapara Yuga, Narada, after traveling the world, approached

Lord Brahma and asked him, "How may I overcome (evil effects of) Kali Yuga?"

Brahma said: "You have asked me an excellent question. I shall reveal to you the secret of all the Vedas by which you will cross over the `samsara' (ocean of life) filled with the bad effects of the Kali Yuga. This secret must be preserved and protected."

"Bhagavata aadipurushasya naaraayanasya naamoccaaranamaatrena

nirdhrtakalir bhavati |

naaradah punah papraccha tannaama kimiti," said Lord Brahma

----By merely uttering the names of the Primeval `Purusha', who is Bhagavan Narayana, one is freed from the clutches of Kali.


Narada asked further, "sa hovaca hiranyagarbhah" |

----What are those names of Narayana?"



HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE" ----"O Hari, O Rama, O Hari, O Rama, O Rama O Rama, O Hari, O Hari!

O Hari, O Krishna, O Hari, O Krishna, O Krishna O Krishna, O Hari, O Hari!"


"iti shodashakam naamnaam kalikalmashanaashanam |

natah parataropaayah sarvavedeshu drushyate" | 4

----Lord Brahma said, "This collection of the sixteen Names (of Narayana) destroys the evils of the Kali Yuga. I don't see any other effective means (of liberation) in the Vedas.


All our Scriptures assert that in the Age of Kali, whence people are by nature impure of mind, Namasankirtan (chanting the Divine Name of the Lord) is the ONLY way to reach the Supreme Lord – "Kalau Kalmasha chittaanaam Paapa Dravyopajeevinaam | Vidhi Kriya viheenaanaam gathir Govinda keertanam" ||

Further, our Scriptures say,

"Dhyaayan krutey yajan yagnaihi tretaayaam Dwaaparey archayan |

Yadaapnoti tadaapnoti kalau sankeertya keshavam" ||

----Whatever supreme good that could be attained by the performance of meditation in the Age of Kruta, sacrifices in the Age of Treta and worship of the Lord in the Age of Dwapara can verily be attained, in the Age of Kali, by the mere chanting of the Divine Names of the Lord!


Srimad Bhagavatam says, "Naama Sankirtanam Yasya sarva papa pranaashanam | Pranaamo dukha shamanaha tam namaami harim param ||"

---- Chanting the Divine Names of the Lord cleanses us of ALL sins, removes all our agony.


Srimad Bhagavatam, in Ajamila charitra, explains that while expiation for sins fails to eradicate the `vasanas' (lateral impressions) that are the root cause for instigating a person to commit unrighteous acts, chanting the Divine Name uproots the very `vasanas' that are the basis for committing sins and leaves no alternative for the Lord but to receive us into His wide open arms!


All the great Saints of India right from the Azhwaars and the Naayanmaars to Thiagaraaja Swami, Paanduranga Bhaktas, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu have all shown that one CAN attain liberation through mere chanting of the Divine Name. Even today we find Sãdhus who have attained the highest state through mere chanting of the Divine Name. This is the glory of 'Naamasankirtan' -- An absolutely easy, simple path suited to the Age of Kali. The chanting of Divine Names is a free path. It has no `binding' of rules and regulations. Namasankirtan can be done by anybody, anytime and anywhere. It involves no cost. It is a path that requires no paraphernalia but leads one to the Lotus Feet of the Lord.


While mental repetition of the Divine Names leads to the good of the individual, chanting the Divine Names loudly purifies the chanter, the listener (the scriptures say "Shrotrunapi punaati cha") and the very place where the chanting is done.


It is verily for this reason that chanting of a single Divine Name – "Hare Rama Hare Krishna!" Chanting a single Divine Name of the Lord (`eka Naama') helps the chanter deepen his concentration and also helps in sustaining the chanting for long hours effortlessly.


It is verily with this view in mind that with Lord Krishna's Blessings

"Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Naama Bhiksha Kendra"

was launched on October 20, 1999, the auspicious day of Vijayadasami, at Chennai, to propagate the chanting of the Maha Mantra:




For the benefit of the entire human race, `Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Nama Bhiksha Kendras' were established all around the world, to inspire people to come together, at least a day in a week, to chant the Maha Mantra "Hare Rama Hare Krishna!" As the Name suggests it is verily a `center for begging' (`Nama bhiksha Kendra') – begging people to chant the Divine Name "Hare Rama Hare Krishna!" – for worldly and, in particular, their spiritual welfare.

By the immense Grace of the Lord 350 `Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Nama Bhiksha Kendras' have so far been established around the world. This is a non-commercial movement, which aims only at the spiritual welfare of all people. One desirous of running the `Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Nama Bhiksha Kendra' in his area of residence needs to choose the place of chanting (his home or Temple or any other suitable venue in that area), day and time, collect the people in the neighbourhood and chant the Maha Mantra "Hare Rama Hare Krishna!"

The prayers in a place where "Hare Rama Hare Krishna!" Maha Mantra chanting is done regularly are answered immediately. This is the experience of all who have taken up the regular chanting of the "Hare Rama Hare Krishna!" Maha Mantra.


The vision of the movement is to go to far-flung places of the world and perform

`Naamasankirtan' on the streets, lanes and by-lanes in order to lift people from the trauma of mundane existence. "To people who are unable to come to the place of Namasankirtan chanting, the Namasankirtan should go to them!" this is the only way to liberation in this Age of Kali.



Let us have full faith in this movement and negative interpretations of it to be avoided.


Radhe Krishna!!!







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