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Lord Jesus, who is your Father? Shri Jesus immediately replied:

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> , " jagbir singh "

> <adishakti_org@> wrote:


> " Today i received an email that justifies the need to have a

> website entirely dedicated to the Holy Spirit. (i think some SYs

> may have questioned the need for seven different sites.) The email

> reads:


> " Thank you for the quick reply. The reason I am writing is because

> a friend of mine gave me the link to your website, and I now have

> a question or two that I can't find the answer to on there. I do

> pray you can and will answer them for me: -


> 1) Does your belief system allow that Jesus Christ is God Almighty

> as proclaimed by the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 9:6 and by Jesus

> Himself in the book of Revelation chapter 1 verse 8?


> , " Violet "

<violet.tubb wrote:


> Dear " J " ,


> Neither your `belief system' nor my `belief system' can make Jesus

> Christ into His Father, who is " God All Mighty " . For a start, when

> have you ever heard of the 'son' also being the 'father'?! This is

> nonsensical! I will explain fully, so please bear with me!


> Jesus's Father is " God All Mighty " . Jesus also told His Disciples

> that His Father's Voice had never been heard, and that His

> Father's Form had never been seen by human beings.


> " J " ... the `reason' why " God All Mighty's " Voice and Form has

> never been seen nor heard by human beings... is because " God All

> Mighty, Himself " has never incarnated on Earth in the form of a

> human being.


> Rather... He sent His Son but never came Himself. It is just those

> doctrine and dogma 'doctors' who are trying to confuse everyone...

> just so that their convoluted theories will work out!


> In fact, Jesus explains quite 'plainly' why " God All Mighty " never

> incarnates. Please read and understand Jesus's Own Words, and

> FORGET about those 'doctors' who have got themselves twisted in

> knots:-


> " And the Father who sent Me, He has borne witness of Me. You have

> neither heard His voice at any time, nor seen His form " !!! (John

> 6:37)


> Jesus clearly states that " God All Mighty " ...His Father...has

> never been seen or heard by human eyes and ears. However, Jesus

> was VERY DEFINITELY SEEN AND HEARD by human eyes and ears.

> Therefore Jesus is only " Mighty God " and not " God All Mighty " .

> There is a big difference! " Mighty God/s " incarnate, but " God All

> Mighty " never incarnates!




Years ago i too wanted to know who God Almighty is. No human, priest

or theologian can answer this question because all are conditioned

and biased. Even black and white scriptural evidence can be twisted

into a most grotesque untruth, the slightest hint of speculative

opportunity stretched by a desperate imagination into an infallible

truth. Over centuries we have tens of millions of fundamentalist

Johns who make up in speculative thunder what they lack in

enlightening lightning. You just cannot reason with such blind,

biased and ignorant beings.


i know for a fact that Shri Jesus NEVER claimed Himself to be God

Almighty, always referring to His Father in Heaven time and again.

One day i decided to see if the Shakti could help answer the mystery

of Shri Jesus' Father.


Below are the original notes written a decade ago that finally

answered the question: " Lord Jesus, who is your Father? " Since the

answer comes from the Redeemer Himself there is absolutely no room

for rebuttal, especially from fundamentalists like John who insist

their version of biblical 'interpretation' is correct.




Kash agreed to pass these suggestions to the Great Divine Mother.

He meditated and the energy of the Holy Spirit of God, residing at

the roots of the Tree of Life within him traveled all the way up and

blossomed into the Thousand Petalled Lotus. He emerged through the

clouds and slowly floated into his ethereal body that was meditating

beside the Great Primordial Mother. He stood up and, after

exchanging greetings with the Supreme Mater Sanctissima, told Her

that he wanted to see Shri Jesus. She agreed and both traveled

through the universe to His place.


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi slowed down as they approached His abode. A

short distance away Kash could see that Shri Jesus was in deep

meditation, His massive spiritual body poised magnificently on the

soft cloud cover. It was a sight to behold, a Divine Being powerful

beyond all human imagination, sitting in utter peace and egoless

humility. The entire atmosphere was charged with Spiritual Energy,

Silence and Bliss.


When they came near Shri Jesus came out of meditation and got up to

receive them. He was dressed in a one-piece light gray dress that

extended to His ankles, like a robe. There was another piece of

cloth, also light gray, that was draped across His right shoulder

down to the left waist.


After exchanging greetings all of them sat down. Kash then asked the

Spirit of the Living God again if he could ask Shri Jesus some

questions. The Great Holy Spirit smiled and told him to go ahead.


Kash first posed this question to Shri Christ, " Lord Jesus, who is

your Father? "


Shri Jesus immediately replied, " The Spirit is My Father. "




Shri Jesus clearly admitted that His Father is the Spirit. So He is

definitely the Son of His Father, the Spirit.


But why do all - Shri Ganesha, Jesus, Hanuman, Sita, Rama, Buddha,

Radha, Krishna, Shiva, Prophet Muhammad, Guru Nanak and others -

meditate only on the Holy Spirit/Shakti/Ruh? The answer is the

Spirit/God Almighty/Brahman and His Holy Spirit/Spirit/Shakti are

one and the same.


The Spirit/God Almighty/Brahman exists within us as The Light which

is always above His Holy Spirit/Spirit/Shakti. At all times Shri

Ganesha, Jesus, Hanuman, Sita, Rama, Buddha, Radha, Krishna, Shiva,

Prophet Muhammad, Guru Nanak and others meditate on the Spirit/God

Almighty/Brahman (Father) and His Holy Spirit/Spirit/Shakti (Mother).


This Truth has been witnessed hundreds of times over the years. It

is part and parcel of the Divine Message to humanity. One day even

the purely monotheistic Muslims will realize why the Qur'an

addresses the Divine as “We”, “Us” and “Our”. This dualilty is

constantly repeated throughout the Qur’an but even this black and

white scriptural evidence has been twisted into a most grotesque

untruth. Like Christians, Muslims too have used all the theological

tricks at their disposal, and blatant lies as well, to con-vince

themselves that His Ruh is Angel Grabriel! We will cross this bridge

when it comes, and all others over the next seven years. There is

indeed a lot of ground that needs to be covered and challenges

issued to the fundamentalist guardians of religious regimes who keep

their followers as spiritually ignorant, theologically indoctrinated

and religiously narrow-minded as themselves.



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