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Report--Hindu Mandir Executives Conference (HMEC)- Romulus, MI, USA

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Report--Hindu Mandir Executives Conference (HMEC)- Romulus, MI, USA







Hindu Mandir (Temple) Executives representing 113 Temples and Hindu

Organizations from more than 25 states of US and Canada and Caribbean

converged in Romulus, MI to attend the Third Hindu Mandir Executives

Conference (HMEC), from September 26, 2008 through September 28,


They traveled from as far as British Columbia in Canada, Hawaii,

California, Florida, and the heartland of America, with a mission to

nourish, protect and sustain Hindu Dharma in America.


This very successful HMEC-2008 follows the second HMEC held in


NJ in August 2007 and the first ever such Conference of Executives of

Hindu Mandirs(Temples) held in Atlanta, GA, in June 2006, which were

attended by representatives of 99 and 57 temples respectively from


over North America.


Participation by several large organizations like Art of Living,


Vidya Gurukulam, Arya Samaj, BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, Chinmaya

Mission, Gayatri Pariwar, ISKON, Sanatan Dharma Mahasabha of


Yogi Divine Society, Kauai's Hindu Monastery, Jagadguru Kripalu

Parishat, Devotees of Narayani Peetam, Nithyananda Vedic Temples and

many others made HMEC an inspiring experience for the attendees.


The Mandir executives represented a wide cross-section of the Hindu

community. These attendees who numbered over 225, were physicians,

scientists, business persons, homemakers, engineers, etc., besides

being temple executives with deep commitment to fulfilling the

spiritual and social needs of Hindu-American community.


The group was diverse in terms of age, race, generation, as well as

national origin. The conference had some parallel sessions for the

youth representing temples from across the nation. Deven Patel, a 30

something, President of Shri Mandir San Diego, CA, said, " This

platform will serve the purpose of furthering our cause in preserving

HINDU Dharma for our future generations in USA " .


In this conference there was a strong participation of youth. The

youth group decided that they will facilitate execution of Seva

(service) activities on a single chosen day to coincide with a

festival such as Holi or Ugadi, across the country. Mandirs will be

involved in these Seva activities vigorously. The range of these

activities could be diverse including soup kitchens, helping

low-income inner city communities, recycling, helping the elderly,



Addressing the temple executives from across the country, Swami

Dayananda Saraswati of the 'Arsha Vidya Gurukulam', who was the

keynote speaker, emphasized that the Hindu Mandirs should be halls of

learning for the Hindu youth besides being the altars of worship.


At HMEC 2008, Hindu Mandir executives collectively deliberated on


evolving social, religious, cultural and spiritual needs of 2.5

million strong, confident, diverse and vibrant Hindu-American

community. Deepak Kotecha, author of 'Hindus Awake', was inspired and

mentioned that " Hindu Temples are now rising above their

denominational confines and presenting a unified face of Hinduism to

which the world can look up to, admire and be inspired by'


This conference was marked by the use of many Multimedia

presentations. A multimedia video presentation by Arumuga Swami and

Swami Bodhinatha Veylanswami, of Kauai's Hindu Monastery.on 'Indian

History Text Book Supplement #2 " as a successor to last

year's " Indian

History Text Book Supplement #1 " was one of those. Another

awe-inspiring presentation was made by Mrs. Cathy Wenuk a devotee of

Narayani Peetam of Sripuram Golden Temple fame.


Washington DC finally ran away with the honor to hold the 2009-Hindu

Mandir Executives' Conference(HMEC), after a tough competition


many cities who were interested in replicating this years' success


grandeur of 2008-HMEC.


In the concluding session of the Conference, the delegates agreed on


series of Action items which emerged as a consequence of the

deliberations and presentations:


· Hindu Seva Diwas: Conduct Seva(service) activities across

the country on a single chosen day


· Constitute a panel of experts who can be approached by

upcoming mandirs in USA and Canada. Given the experience of these

experts, they can advise the champions of new upcoming mandirs on

issues pertaining to procurement of materials, law, finance,

procedures, rituals, etc., on an as needed basis.


· Developing software and e-services for mandirs so that they

can enhance their operational and community-outreach effectiveness.


· Develop appropriate training programs for interested people

(youth and seniors) so that they can effectively educate others about

Hindu dharma in concise and precise terms.


· Continue to work with others sister Hindu organizations in

addressing the challenge of misportrayal of Hindu dharma and

civilization in textbooks used in US schools and colleges.


· Develop content as it relates to Hindu rites and SaṃskÄras.


· Develop reference manuals for mandirs


· Develop and make available, textual-audio-visual materials

for mandirs, which they could easily use to communicate and promote

the ideals of Hindu dharma.


· Enhanced communication between Hindu organizations.


The delegates also agreed, and unanimously passed the following

resolutions for consideration of their temple's boards, in the

concluding session of the Conference


Resolution 1


We the delegates of the Hindu-American Mandirs at HMEC strongly

condemn the brutal killing of a revered saint in Orissa, Swami

Laxmananda. We urge the governmental authorities in India

expeditiously bring the culprits to the book and also undertake

requisite steps to ensure that the practice of peaceful Vaidik

traditions in the sacred land of Hindus, continues uninhibited.


We will work as a family to restore and further the dignity of Hindu



Resolution 2


We the delegates of the Hindu-American Mandirs at HMEC will help in

all material ways possible to accelerate the restoration process of

Hindu heritage sites world over. In particular, we appreciate and

whole heartedly support Dr. Animesh Sinha efforts in preserving and

restoring the sites of Braj.


Contact Details:


Vijay Narang

, Media Relations





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