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Complete information on Sathabhishekam

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Dear Members, Oflate I have been discussing with one member regarding the concept of Satabhishekam. Ofcourse, Iam not revealing the name of the member for privacy reasons. Many issues came up which form the basis of this posting. SATHA-ABHISHEKAM means the sacred ceremony done on the Completion of Vaanaprastham-2nd and Final Stage as well as the Commencement of Mumuksha sthithi (Seeker of Bliss / Leberation from Rebirths) It denotes a culmination of a speciic stage/ashrama and sub-ashrama in a human's life. as well as as the successful achievement of the relevant Stage-duties in Life. The word "Shatha" means 100 but here it does not mean that as many erroneouly think. Even one learned pundit was arguing with me three days ago that "Both the words mean the same"!!Satha means "Stable", "Uninterrupted" or "complete" Telugu word : Sathamugaa=Samamugaa Tamil word :Sathamaai Malayalam: Sathamaanu You might have heard the purohits during the Marriage and such other Holy-Celebrations blessing the bride and bridegroom by Akshatha and stating in Chorus"SATHA-MAANAM BHAVATHI... SHATHAAYUH PURUSHAH DAEVAENDRIYAE PRATHI THISHTATHI." In this, ... SATHA-MAANAM = Stable-Prosperity... It does not mean 100 prosperity(or kinds of them)... then... SHATHA-AAYUH = Hundred years AgeAccording to Indian-Culture by Tradition every man bound by the duties as the Head of the Family(especially in a patriarchial set-up in the three states of southindia and even northindia-Kerala being an exception with matriarchial soceity being prominent) complete his

Family-duties to his Children by education and Marriage before reaching his age of 60... and Hands over his Family-duties along with the Properties to be managed by his Sons .. while the Father will perform from then on only the Advisory-service to his Sons. and he has to concentrate more on Pious-activities like: 1. Punya khsetra darshanam Such duties he should finish off within the ensuing 10 years imparting adequate

training to his Children to independantly Manage the Family-duties, even in his absence. Such a date of Handing over of Family-duties... is the Age of 60. His Children THEN pay back their gratitude to their parents for getting them married and making them well-settled in Life and so the Children re-enact the conduct of the Marriage of their parents and worship them with due honour. Then shasthiabdipoorthi is celebrated. Idol of Bheema Next Bheemarathashanthi is celebrated--- 2. Adhyaatmika shravanam

is now commenced as they are no more capable of long and arduous spiritual piligrimages. The remnant duties for the children including their Training for independant management of Family-Life, is supposed to be completed before reaching 70. His 70th Birthday Bheema-ratha-Saanthi is celebrated by the Children and Grand-Children as the celebration of his successful achievement of the relevant stage-duties alongside an opportunity to pay their gratitude to the Head of the Family as also celebrate the Grand-parents Marriage. This is the day the Grand-parents seriously start praying for the fulfilment of Family-ambitions on Earth mostly for the sake of Children and Grand-children to get fulfilled within their Life-time. This is also the day when the Grand-parents complete the 10 year Life-Training for their children as also the Commencement day of Concentration of Training the Grand-children during the ensuing

10 years. The Bheema-ratha(the chariot of the great Bheema who is said to have been storng like a thousand elephants for 70 years and then starts meditating) is done a shanthi for. Next comes this function,SATHA-ABHISHEKAM This is the last stage of

where the couple engage in Dhyanam and Yogam. The Man has completed all his Family-duties and Mundane-commitments... gets trotally relieved from the Monetary-involvements, since handed over to his children to continue on their own independantly on reaching 80.The day of Pride and Joy for the Children and Grandchildren who along with all the relatives celebrate such an achievemennt.and conduct the Marriage of the Grand-olds as a mark of Gratitude and enjoyment of conducting their marriage in return seeking their blessings. This is the stage where they should aspire for Mumukshatwa. Lord Krishna

lived upto 125 years in good health. Nithyannadaatha, Tharunaagnihothree, Maasopavaasee cha Pathivrathaa cha || Vedanthavith ChandraSahasrajeevi Shatjvandaneeyaa Mamajeevaloke' || While all in this universe worships Bhagawan, Bhagawan himself worships the following six classes of individuals. They are:1.One who does annadaanam daily 2.One who has performed Soma Yaagam at a young age and continuing with Agnihothram daily ( Soma Yaagam should be performed before the hair grays) 3.Maasopavaasam is a Prayaschitta Karma and who has performed this ( Some opine that Maasopavasam means night fasting on amavasya, Pournami and Sundays, day fasting on ashtami and chathurdasi and full fasting on ekadasi throughout their life). 4.A woman selflessly serving her husband without minding the hardship. 5.One who has studied Vedas and Upanishads with meaning and follows what is said in that. And 6.One who has seen 1000 full moon. It is said that on this occasion Devas,prabhus and Pithrus visit the performer’s house and rejoice. In olden days the person on his sathaabhishekam would have had great grand –son through son ( son’s son’s son ). The person is able to see three generation of his progeny and is relieved of all his sins. He is worshipped by all and most important thing that we should do is that we should offer namaskaram to such persons.It is explained that a person having completed the age of 80 years, 8 months and 8 days would have passed through 1000 moon (either full moon can be reckoned or Modoroju/moonram pirai).(29 days has one full moon and if one calculates by the number of days for the peirod given it crosses 1000 fullmoons exactly.) It is fullmoon days which has to be counted to reckon the herb-collective energies of the fullmoon and to signify the completion or poornatwam and not new moons as some follow. This is a shanthi Karma to ward off the impediments of health and other factors of ageing. In this function doing Poojas, and japa, homas to following devathas are worshipped: 1) Brahma in his five appearances -namely Prajapathy; Hiranyagarbha; Parameshtee; Chathurmukha and Brahma. He is worshipped using Khumbha-brahmam or 5 Kalashas.After Japa, homas and puja the holy water from the Kumbham is used for performing the abhishekam of the individual .5 Kalashas are kept. Daanam, Nireekshitha Aajya daanam etc are part of the rituals. (Everyone irrespective of age does the abhishekam as the couple are equivalent to Rudradevata and Brahmamaitreya combined at that time!) 2) Shiva, (mruthyunjaya rudra) 3) Vishnu (laksmy narayana) 4) Navagraha (sun, moon, mars, mer, jup ,ven, sat, rahu, kethu) 5) Seven 'chiranjevies' (immortal souls), namely... 1) aswathama 2) mahabala 3) veda vyasa 4) hanuman 5) vibheshana 6) krupacharya and 7) parasurama 6) Aayur devathas. Gods of the life 7) 8 dik palakas. Gods for directions. These are: indra; agny; yama; niruruthy; varuna; vayu; kubera; esana, etc. Ekadasa Rudra japam (Rudra Ekadasinee) with Mahanyasa .Rudrabhishekam.kramarchana is also performed on the previous day of Sathabhishekam. It is a maha prayashchitham to rid off all the sins and

to invoke the blessing of Shiva.This function is performed to father or grand-father by son ,daughter, grandson, relations. It is one of the sacred duty of the children to arrange this for the elders. Performing of Rudra Ekadasi, Maangalya daaranam, Sumangali Prarthanai etc are performed as per customs prevalent in the family. Since the couple for whom the sathaabhishekam is performed are great by all means as afore said, they are taken in a procession on an elephant or horse drawn chariot or a decorated car along the streets of the village or town with Veda Parayanam and after visiting a temple they give charity. It is also a great moment of joy for all relatives and a time for family reunion and forgetting past mistakes and hurts! It is also said that after the sathabhishekam, whatever the couple say will come out correct(atleast for that day when the event is done.). So we must to take blesisngs for our spiritual and then material benefits from them that day. Do not worry dear member, I will perform all the rituals myself in the tmeple here. I know how to do all of them including the sapthachiranjeevi pooja.And we will fix a good muhurtha for this event and bring in people,well-versed brahmins and conduct homams. Everything has been

arranged. Do not worry. I will be there personally to do this for obvious reasons! Shubham Bhavathu Bhavani! Shreeram Balijepalli




Purity, Powers, Parabrahmam...





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It is explained that a person having completed the age of 80 years, 8 months and 8 days would have passed through 1000 moon
. I want to make a comment only on the mathematical aspect. The moon takes approx 29.53056 as per one source and as per Wikipedia 29.530588 days that means 29530.56 or 29,530.588 days for one to witness 1000 full moons. This gives the actual figure of approx 81.83 years not 80.8 years as stated. One can easily arrive this figure by taking full moon that comes on the 10th month after completion of 81 years. I am thankful for all the useful information provided. I hope all Vadhyar's are informed of the simple mistakes they make while arriving at this figure.

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Guest girija

aren't there 12 (sometimes 13) full moons in a year?  so 12 times 80 = 960!  But sadhguru talks about significance of  aperson who has lived for 84 years of age who has seen 84 times 12 = 1008 full moons in his lifetime! It is said that all one's karma gets over by then and you become child-like...

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