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Chandrayan Vrat

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The sage Gautam has instructed to observe fasting of Vapan, during

the period of Chandrayan-vrat.


In this Krichchra fasting, one has to observe a fast for the whole

day and it is broken at the end of the day with panchagavya (a

mixture of milk curd, ghee, cow dung and cows urine). This fasting

continues for one month. Vapan means the commencement of fast i.e.

the resolution one makes to continue this fasting for one month.

Various rites are performed (tarpan, Gritahom and the gathering of

fuels for the oblation) along with the chanting of Vedic Richas



Only ghee is offered to the sacrificial fire. In the end Havan is

completed by offering other kinds of fuels. At the time of breaking

the fast, rice-flour, oat-flour, green vegetables, milk, curd. Ghee

and fruits etc. is used as diet.



On the first day of the fast, which begins on the day of full moon,

only one morsel of food is eaten. The number of morsels are increased

on successive days (i.e. two morsels on second day, three morsels on

the third day and so on).


On the day of no moon, which is the fifteenth day, fifteen morsels of

food are taken. From the next day onward the number of morsels is

decreased by one everyday for fourteen days and a fast is observed on

the day of full moon .


Sage Gautam says in his Phalshruti that observance of this Chandrayan

fast for one month gives immense benefit and virtues by liberating

the performer from all the sins committed in the past. It also

liberates the sins of a mans twenty-one generations (ten generations

of past, his present generation and ten future generations). Sage

Gautam is also of the opinion that if this Chandrayan Vrat is

continued for a year a man himself attains to the Chandraloka. In

todays circumstances this fast has become extinct because of its

strict and severe rules.

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