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Many of you neophytes wonder what Tantra has to do with Urine

Therapy. For millennia, this Tantra Vidya was very secret, but the

Damar Tantra was open and literal enough to contain an entire

chapter on Shivambu Chikista, also known as Manav Mootra or Urine

Therapy. Jesus warned us against secrecy: " Don't hide your candle in

a closet. Freely you have received: Freely give " .


Rasa Tantra is simply the cross-sexual form of Urine Therapy, but

the Damar Tantra is secretive enough not to literally discuss the

Tantric form of Urine Therapy. The Rudra Yamala Tantra is said to

also mention the use of urine. The " Soma " of the four Vedas is still

the earliest and largest known mention of the use of Genetic Efflux

in India. Try to overcome your disgust for the naked body.


The author of the Damar Tantra had his own particular perspectives,

so the student should feel free to pick and choose what is best in

this ancient text and what might best be disregarded. You will note

that Hindu and Buddhist texts are often guilty of making a very

simple practice much too complicated. Not how the Book of Mormon

laments the loss of precious, plain explanations. Complex is not

necessarily profound.


This chapter from the Damar Tantra is precious for its literal

explanations and should be of as much value as the " Union of Shiva

and Shakti " chapter of the Amritanubhava (Born of the Water of Life)

of Jnaneshwar - Maharashtra's child genius and saint, who also

authored the larger work, " The Jnaneshwari " . Don't confuse

yourselves with incomprehensible scriptures. Keep it simple (but not

too simple).


The Jnaneshwari became the primary text of Swami Kripalu of the

Lakulish temple in Kayavarohan (near Baroda), Gujarat, and his

disciples - Yogeshwar Muni (an American from California) and his

more prominent Indian brother swami, Amrit Desai, who succeeded in

acquiring many American students at his enormous ashram in



Herein follows a few short words, followed by the translation of the

Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi from the Damar Tantra. It is perhaps the

greatest disaster in human history that Tantra Vidya was lost, but

at least we now attempt to renew this Gnosis, now experimental, to

those living in the darkness of a world which has lost its Way.

Jai Om. - Sw. Tantrasangha





In the next paragraphs are some of the verses from the Shivambu Kalpa

Vidhi ( " the method of drinking urine for rejuvenation " ), part of an

ancient document called the Damar Tantra, which offers advice

on " amaroli " , and a prognosis for its followers. Urine therapy (the

therapeutic drinking of Shivambu) has been used in ayurvedic medicine

for thousands of years.


" Shivambu " means the water of Shiva (the highest god in the Hindu

pantheon), and Shiva is the God of sex and Tantra. For example: " Om

Namah Shivaya " , or Om is the meaning of Shiva; and, of course, the

phallic conjoined Yoni and Lingum in the stone icon " Shiva Lingum " .

Sacred water is ritually poured over this image, not unlike

Christian Baptismal water.


I've also seen Shivambu refered to as the " Water of Life, "

the " Divine Nectar, " the " Golden Elixir, " etc., although I call it

the " Fountain of Youth. " The Kingdom of Heaven is within us, taught

Jesus. It is just divine that after all our searching for

the " Fountain of Youth, " we have finally discovered it is within us.


Some philosophize that we waste our whole lives searching everywhere

for that which is readily at hand. I have taken the liberty to

herein add my own words to this short commentary by Hawaii's fasting

genius, Bob Silverstein - the original publisher of the following

online version of this shastra. I hope this will allay some of the

enormous prejudice against fasting on this efficaceous bodily

secretion. Jai Om. - Sw. Tantrasangha





From the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi (verses 9 through 21): " Shivambu is a

divine nectar! It is capable of abolishing old age and various types

of diseases and ailments... All the ailments subject to from the very

birth will be completely cured... One's body will be internally

cleansed... Drinking it for two months stimulates and energizes the

senses... Followed for three months, all types of ailments will

disappear and all miseries will evaporate... After five months, the

follower will be completely healthy, and will be bestowed with divine

eyesight... After six months, the follower will be exceptionally

intelligent... After seven months, the follower will be exceptionally

strong... After eight months, the human body will possess divine

lustre, like that of shining gold, that will be permanent... After

nine months of continual use, tuberculosis and leprosy will perish...

After ten months of continual use, the follower becomes practically

the treasury of lustre and brightness... After eleven months, the

follower becomes pure, both externally and internally... After one

year of continual use, the follower acquires solar shining...


.... ... Seven years of use makes the follower capable of conquering

his ego... Nine years of this method will make the follower

immortal.... After ten years of experimentation, it will be possible

to float in the air with ease... Twelve years will enable one to be

as long lived as the moon and the planets... Dangerous animals such

as serpents will not affect one in any way; serpents' poison will not

kill the follower. One can float on water just as wood floats, and he

will never drown....


Continuing with verses 22 through 44: " If taken for six months

continuously, the powder of Amrita dissolved in Shivambu will make a

man free from human ailments and he will become perfectly happy...

the powder of Haritaki mixed with Shivambu should be taken regularly

for one year. It puts a stop to old age and disease, and if used for

one year, makes a man exceptionally strong and healthy.... The

stomach powder, Kostha Churna, should be taken with Shivambu

continually for a period of twelve years. The tokens of old age such

as wrinkles on the skin, grey hair, etc., vanish. Man will have the

strength of ten thousand elephants... ...Man becomes strong and

divinely lustrous. He can enjoy longevity and can compete with

death... He becomes free from human ailments. He assumes a divinely

lustrous physique, like that of Shiva; he can recreate the universe

and can lead a divinely pleasant life... possesses divinely pleasant

lustre full of bliss... Mixture of lotus roots, mustard seeds and

honey...taken with Shivambu...makes the human body exceptionally

light and energetic...


Other herbal preparations taken with Shivambu are " capable of

relieving old age and all kinds of diseases... makes a man lustrous

and he acquires a body with divine attributes... All pains and

miseries vanish... all human ailments perish and the body becomes

well-nourished and strong... and ... can conquer death... relieved of

any typoe of ailment....brain power becomes brilliant.... voice

becomes melodious... relieves any disease ... bestoweed with divine

eyesight... makes a man free of ailments and his hair becomes black

again... can enjoy the fruits of meditation and will experience

spiritual growth...


Continuing from Verse 48: " Shivambu should be applied to the whole

body. It is exceptionally nourishing, and can relieve all ailments...

The follower can acquire divine power... The follower's body will be

cleansed, his mind will be ever cheerful and he can attain divine

lustre... will have insight in the Scriptures... will become very

strong and brave... the follower will become, as it were, a god on

earth.... He will become a good orator and all the universe will be

visible to his eyesight... he will become the master and authority of

meditation. He will enjoy the utmost pleasure in life... the body

becomes healthy and strong... will then be able to control

ejaculation and will be unconquerable in sexual intercourse...

becomes a symbol of learning and enjoys excellent eyesight... will be

free of old age and will have excellent foresight... will possess

excellent and long eyesight within a distance of miles... will be

able to hear from a long distance... He can read the minds of

others... even the most beautiful Princess will be attracted to

him... mental disorders will disappear... the follower of this

therapy will become as young as a lad of sixteen years... ...the

signs of old age disappear promptly... helps to conquer old age...

gives divine countenance... old age will be under control... follower

will acquire a radiant personality... he will definitely enjoy

longevity... his heart will be strong. His body and muscles will be

strong. He will float in pleasure... will be full of strength and

bravery... body will be shining with lustre... will be well versed in

arts and sciences... have an impressive voice... One hundred and

twenty four ailments (arising from Kapha, Pitta, and Vata) will

vanish with this treatment... eyesight will be sharp... even fire

will not harm him. He will not be burn by fire... cleanses the body,

keeps it free of disease, and allows the follower to move quickly...

the follower will quickly master the practice of yoga... deficiency

of minerals in the body is corrected... eyesight brightens, oratory

powers and knowledge are acquired...


Verses 104 through 107 conclude: " Oh Goddess, during the process of

the intake of Shivambu, the following things should be strictly

avoided: vegetables in the form of leaves, flowers, or legumes;

grains that cause flatulency; and starchy, pungent, sour, and salty

foods. Sexual intercourse should also be avoided. This will help to

accomplish the fruits of this method. Behaving against these rules

will put man in unexpected difficulties. ... Oh my beloved Parvati! I

have narrated the details of Shivambu Kalpa. This is its technique.

Attempts should be made to keep it a secret. Do not tell anyone. "



Manav Mootra: Auto-Urine Therapy (Human urine, an elixir of life) A

treatise on urine therapy for universal health by Ravjibhai Manibhai

Patel, Bharat Sewak Samaj, Ahmedabad, India


Shivambu Kalpa: The ancient healing way of the self, by the self,

with medicine of the self by Arthur Lincoln Pauls. This is the

original publication of the translated Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi from the

Damar Tantra. Published from England.




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Guest guest

, salvationscience <no_reply wro


Dear Fellow Spiritual Travellers,




The posting on SHIVAMBU which is auto urine theraphy (A.U.T.)

made interesting reading but i cannot understand the following.


Those who follow aut should give up non-veg food, alcohol, refrain

from sex - with this half the battle is won.

Next one should fast, eat fruits, salads and sprouts - with this

the other half of the battle is won, then where is the need to

consume urine.


By just following this regime you can gain much better health.

Without following this routine aut can be dangerous as late actor

PREMNATH i am told followed aut without above mentioned restriction.

He became mentally deranged.


Aut consumed with Kosta churna gives you strength of ten thousand

elephants. I wonder if this churna contains " shoonti powder " i.e.

dried ginger powder because about 20 years ago i had read in a

marathi book that aut consumed with dried ginger confers strength

of ten thousand elephants.


Therefore the benefit is more because of the strict regime rather

then aut.


Can anyone throw more light on this.


With warm wishes,



HARI OM TAT SAT! Cheers! :o)

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If things are as easy as writing them, then everything is easy. Abstinence from any Kama's are quite hard. It is easy to drink one urine instead of eating sprouts and other eatables. I am not brushing aside they are good, but, One do not need to spend to drink one's own urine. And old Indian yogi's have been always on move to have detachment. They cannot find where ever they are something to eat.


We may get fruits vegetables in our cities, what if they were in Rajputana, in desert. They need something that can keep them nutritious everywhere. More over, it is not only eating. Urinal as a medicines has wonderful effects when applied over the body and even massage. I had lot of dark spot on my face because of pimples at my young age. They vanished when I applied urine regularly.


So, it is Sarvaroga nivarani. It is worth taking entire subject to disucss rather a small piece of a huge subject. As complete view is always beneficial.



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