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How to develop Tejas

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1. The main to develop Tejas is thru chanting of Mantras. Mantras

awaken the Kundalni(the pure form of Tejas), who is a form of

Mantras(Kali wears the garland of skulls, which represents the 50

alphabets of the Sanskrit language). Mantras like Om, Gayati can be

chanted. Another way is to just chant the letters of the Sanskrit

language while concentrating on the chakras(each Chakra has some

alphabets). Mantras of fierce fiery Gods like Durga, Skanda, Agni are

also good.


These should be 1st chanted loudly, then slowly whispered, then

chanted mentally.


2. Silence is another way to increase Tejas. While Mantras directly

increase it, silence stops its wastage. Especially gossiping,

unecessary chatting, discussing politics etc should be avoided.


This silence has to be not just physical, but mental as well.


3. Concentration on objects, escpecially a ghee lamp when done as

Tratak, is a very poweful way to increase Tejas. When concentrating,

the mind becomes silent, which allows the inner light to come forward.


4. Gyan Yoga increases Tejas. Constantly analysing " Who am I " , trying

to track the awareness back to the heart. Note this is different from

doing everything mindfully, as that increases Pran. To increases

Tejas we have to be more active, & constantly use our Buddhi(wisdom) &

Vivek(discrimination) to analyse the world, & see the hidden hand of

God in it.




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