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Amazing - Rohit Behal shaped Ganesha Artwork

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Who says "Whats in a Name ?"..

See for yourself, one Mr.Venkatesh Ellore who is a master at making art work using Alphabets has made -


"Lord Ganesha" using my full name - "Rohit Behal"...




Name "Rohit" is the Crown -

Going from Top to Bottom of the crown :

it starts with 'R',


then finally 'H,I,T' are together.




Surname "Behal" is the Face :

'B' - The left Ear.

'E' - The left side of Ganesha's face including the left Eye.

'H'- The Forehead.

'A' - The right side of Ganesha's face including the right Eye.

'L' - The right Ear.








Isnt it amazing...


Source - www myganesha com

P.s- I do not know Mr.Venkatesh nor have ever met him, he just felt to make this artwork for me...so he did it.



So, now when someone ask's "What's in a Name?'

Say - "The Whole Universe !"


Will i am Shakes Peer - rOhit beHaL





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