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Health Problems-Twitching-Drs say its Nothing

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i know I recently wrote, but did not ask about the health issues..


For a few years, I have been having twitching going in my body that is spreading.

The last week, it has started in my right eye.

I take LOTS of vitamins that pertain to why it could be going on...and other medications for my various health issues.


I am wondering if anyone can see some reason in my chart as to WHY this twitching is going on? I know there are about 15 different astrologicaL aspects that relate to my health issues...but I would like remedies specifically for this twitching, since it is interfering with my life, if possible.


It is in my left foot/ and has spread up the leg...now its in my eye...and is effecting my ability to see..


I can feel issues in my lower spine. When I walk, there are small fast twitches in my lower half of my body.


I have seen SOOOO many doctors...MRIs all kinds of tests...they all say I am fine.


Either they are missing something, or maybe it is astrological?

Advice is really needed..

I would like to add that I intend to do the Maha Mritunjaya Siddhi Sadhana as soon as possible...do you think this would fix all the health problems?


Thank you!


May 1, 1975

Skokie Illinois US Daylight Savings


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That is very sweet of you...

Thank you, as I would like to remain in touch with you, as you seem to have a wide variety of knowledge about spiritual things.

I also have many people who come to me who ask me for help with their evil spirit problems, and I have been trying to find a way to assist them in getting help for free as well...and would love to have an astrologer who is able to guide them as well because most of them are poor and have no where to turn. I am not sure if you would be interested in helping some people sometimes, but it was another reason I wanted to keep in touch with you.


Thanks so much...Blessings...

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