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Say your goodbyes...

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Jai Ganesh


Pranam all


Goodbyes does not appear in Guajarati language or culture, so I will say to you all Avajo, Pachi maila meaning come back soon, see you later.


It was fun while it lasted, so Thanks to J N Das swami.


I know I might have been pain to many, so forgive me if you can, I was only trying to do the Hindu thing. Allow me to quote


O Lord, let any one accept any sadhana, he is free to follow its pursuit.


But to me Your name is the granter of all boons.


Karma, upasana, jnana - the various paths outlined in the Vedas for the emancipation of the soul - all are good.


But I seek only one shelter and that is Your name; I seek nothing besides….Tulsidas Goswami


Jai Shree Ram Aum Namo Shivaya, Jai Maa

Jai Shree Krishna,

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