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What is the effect of Yogini Dasha- siddha or sankata

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Respected Astrologers,


I am a novice to astrology though lately i have developed huge interest in this science.


Here are the birth details


1st JUne 1982, Bhilai, 11.20 pm.


Started Siddha in 07/02/2004 and she got selected for MBA in Jan 2004.

As seen in the horoscope, siddha lasts for 7 years(07/02/2011). During this period she got job in Mar2006 and then another in Aug 06.she left job in Mar2008 for marriage and relocation. In April 2008 she got married, shifted to UK and got blessed with baby girl in Mar 2009.


Her jupiter Mahadasha started in April 2008 during which she got married, moved to foreign country and got blessed with a child. On the other hand she failed in exam and jobless.So on career front she suffered a severe setback.


I read that Jupiter mahadasha. a person gets good results on career, education and child front. Will she be able to get good qualifications during this time.


This is happening during the period of Siddha. So she would face extreme problems in SANKATA DASHA which will start from 07/02/2011. Or the effect of Sankata would be reduced by other benefic planets.


It would be really helpful if learned astrologers provide their input on this.

Looking forward to get your analysis.




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