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  1. So many views, yet no reply.. Please help me in knowing about yogini dasha. Thanks & Regards, - Durga
  2. Respected Astrologers, I am a novice to astrology though lately i have developed huge interest in this science. Here are the birth details 1st JUne 1982, Bhilai, 11.20 pm. Started Siddha in 07/02/2004 and she got selected for MBA in Jan 2004. As seen in the horoscope, siddha lasts for 7 years(07/02/2011). During this period she got job in Mar2006 and then another in Aug 06.she left job in Mar2008 for marriage and relocation. In April 2008 she got married, shifted to UK and got blessed with baby girl in Mar 2009. Her jupiter Mahadasha started in April 2008 during which she got married, moved to foreign country and got blessed with a child. On the other hand she failed in exam and jobless.So on career front she suffered a severe setback. I read that Jupiter mahadasha. a person gets good results on career, education and child front. Will she be able to get good qualifications during this time. This is happening during the period of Siddha. So she would face extreme problems in SANKATA DASHA which will start from 07/02/2011. Or the effect of Sankata would be reduced by other benefic planets. It would be really helpful if learned astrologers provide their input on this. Looking forward to get your analysis. Regards, -Durga
  3. Sanjeeva Rao Sir, Thanks a lot Sir. We are really grateful for all your time and help. She would definitely do all the remedies. Although within guru mahadasha, she got a good husband and a little angel, on the job front she had a major setback coupled with failure in exam. This has really shaken her confidence. Do you see her chances of getting a job in UK(she is currently in UK). Please provide ur valuable advice. Thanks & Regards, -Durga
  4. Sanjeeva Rao Sir, I forgot to add to the above post the folowing things. - She is wearing Ruby since 2004 in her right hand finger. - she is currently fasting on saturday(as both she and her husband are running sadesati) and monday. Do you see her any education plans fructify in near future. she is chaniting, jupiter, shani, mercury, and venus mantras. I hope to get advice from you as to how can she really increase her chances of clearing this exam. How do you see her career in finance. Hope to receive your valuable advice. Regards, -Durga
  5. Dhru Ji, Thanks a lot fpr allyour help and advice. really appreciate ur help. Regards, -Durga
  6. Sanjeeva Rao Sir, This is the chart of my best friend.Thanks for sparing time to give ur valuable inputs. She got married in April 2008 and went to Uk. Prior to that, she was working in Mumbai in Finance(she is MBA Finance). She recently got blessed with baby girl. she is facing acute mental tension and anxiety because of her career and further education. Inspite of having 2 years of work experience, she did not got a sinle interviews call in UK. Also, she gave an exam in NOv 2008, which she failed. she plans to give an exam in DEc 2009. How do u see her career and education in future. she lost her mother in 2001. she has one elder sister and brother. she got married in her sister's family. hope to receive ur advice.will she be able to clear this exam in dec 2009 and get a job in uk. Thanks and REgards, -Durga
  7. DocitDuo Sir, You are right in your analysis. Moon, ,Mars and Saturn are in ninth house. My apologies for asking answer by posting wrong information. please provide your valuable inputs. I tried to change the topic but dont know how to do it. Hope to get your valuable inputs
  8. Respected Astrologers, This is the birth details of my friend 1st June 1982, BHilai, 11.20 pm. She is capricorn ascendant and currently runing Jupiter mahadasha and jupiter AD. She is facing problems in her career and studies with no job in hand from past one year. Please help in analysing his chart. She was told that having saturn mars and moon in 9th house together creates a lot of mental agony and family unhappiness. PLease throw light on this respect and provide remedies to cure this. your help is deeply appreciated. Regards, -Durga
  9. Dhruji, PLease accept our sincere thanks for sparing your time and giving advice. As my friend is concerned, she has gioven a finance exam in NOv 2008 and she flunked. She was told that she has Budhaditya yoga which is good for her studies. But her sun and mercury are afflicted, as told by some astrologers. she really wants to clear this exam. will she be able to do it. she is currently fasting on monday and saturday(As both she and her husband have sade sathi). she has started jupiter and mercury mantra as advised by you. They ahve plans to come (finally) to india in 2011. do you see her getting a job in UK in Dec 2010. I know i am asking a lot of questions. If possible please provide your advice and remedies. Thanks & Regards, - Durga
  10. Dhru Ji, Thanks a lot for your quick and prompt reply. I am really grateful for your valuable time and suggestions. Will you please be able to read the chart for my best friend. She is like sister to me and both my brother and she share same b'day. My friend's details are 1st June 1982, BHilai, 11.20 pm. She was working for two years (Mar2006 -Mar2008) in Mumbai after her MBA(Finance). She got married in April 2008 and went to UK. Recently she got blessed with baby girl. She is facing severe difficulties in finding a job. Some astrologers have said that her good time will start in May2010. Also she is planning to givea finance exam in dec 2009. Will she be able to c;lear the exam. When do you see her chances of getting a job. please provide the required remedies/mantras to help her out. your help is deeply appreciated. Regards, -durga
  11. Dhru Ji, I am really thankful to you for sparing time to read my brother's horoscope. He is sharp but has unable to get good grades and job. I would definitely ask him to do all the measures suggested by you. My concern is when will he settle down in life personally and financially. Are there alternative mantras/fasting for panna, neelam and diamond. He is wearing Ruby and gomedh now. Thnaks & Regards, -Durga
  12. Respected Astrologers, It would be really helpful if you could suggest a remedy for him to boost his career. He has never been able to give his best.He has a sharp mind but unable to focus on career. As he is my only brother, I am quite attached to him. His birth details are 1st June 1981, BHilai, 04.24 am He is currently working in Mumbai and is in software field. When will he be able to get good opportunity in career. PLease suggest puja/mantra to help him in his career. He was asked to wear Neelam and panna. Is it true that puja and mantra have far more beneficial results than wearing stones. PLease help. Your help is deeply appreciated. Regards, - Durga
  13. besan pack. mix lttle besan, milk, haldi and lemon juice. make a paste and keep on face for 10 min oe when it gets dried. wash face. do it daily. you will see results in couple of days. also, u can mix lemon juice and milk cream and apply before bath. hope this helps.
  14. Thanks a lot for sparing time and your advice. It is just that right now my career (have no job at present) seems to be in doldrums. so i am becoming very anxious and upset about what is there in my future. Thanks for clearing my doubts.
  15. Respected Astrologers, I have been told by a learned astrologer that i have 'kaal sarpa dosha' and i must do 'sarpa shanthi nivaran puja' at kalahasti temple. My birth details are TOB - 11.20 OM DOB- 1st June 1982 POB - Bhilai. Is there an alternative to this puja which can be done at home like fasting and pujas. I am outside India and its difficult for me to have this puja in INdia. PLease suggest an alternative if i have 'Sarpa dosha'. I am really grateful to u for uu help and advice. Regards, jaya
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