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For my friend,, hard time started for him

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I have a friend who has recently just started going through a hard time which began this wednesday on the 29th of june, his dad lost his trucking license and now cannot work (a police officer stopped his truck in the states and realized he could not speak english and notified trucking authorities and now hes stripped of his license) and his mom is unemployed and also does not speak english so all financial burden will be on him, an astrologer told him before that he would have a break in his education 2 times in his life and this might be it because I am thinking he might not go to school this sept but maybe in january if someone could give their opinion it would be very much appreciated possibly any remedies maybe? I don't know much about astrology but on the 29th jupiter transited into capricorn for him? his details are JULY 1ST 1988, 9:30 AM JALANDHAR, PUNJAB

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