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career - please I desperately need guidance and help

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Date of Birth: 15-03-1983

Birth Time: 16:32

Birth Place: Birmingham, UK

Gender: female



Dear respected asrologers


I am doing an MBBS (medical doctor) degree, yet it is taking me so long to complete it. I am having so much difficulties, even when I work hard things go wrong. I have just completed my clinical exam,for the fourth time. This was my fourth and final attempt which I had to appeal for after failing the third time.It was so difficult and I can think of plenty of things I did wrong.Others who were doing it for the first time found it easy and it was so disheartening and crushing to realise that despite spending seven years and so much money on the course my mind still went blank, I still did things wrong, and didnt know some of the answers. There are so many people who have helped me, people who are rooting for me and have spent time and energy supporting me. To disappoint them and have them feel pity for me is heartbreaking. I have given all of myself, my time, and energy to this and if I fail they will kick me out. I have spent seven years of my life doing this MBBS degree which I should have finished in five years, and if I fail these exams which I had from July 28-July 31 2009 I will be leaving with nothing to show for it. I will have no degree, and no job prospects. I am 26 years old, and I am gravely worried about this, as most girls my age graduated ages ago, have jobs and are now settling down and getting married. At school I used to be the brightest in the class, had so much promise, but slowly my star has stopped shining, I have gone downhill and everyone is overtaking me. If I fail and get kicked out, and at the the age of 26 am not even a graduate, then who will even marry me? I am very stressed, please can you advise me about my career and financial prospects. Will I ever have a good education and career, and be able to earn a good wage? When will this difficult period end and things become more stable for me? Will I ever get married?I just want to know if there are any chances of good things happening in my life? Will I ever get any happiness? My results for this exam will come out on the 28th August. I am so demoralised, I just want to feel happy again, I want to be able to achieve things, not have my progress in life hindered by setbacks. Thank you so much.



By the way, my horoscope is as follows.

Lagna is leo, saturn is retrograde, in libra in the 3rd house, Jupiter-scorpio, 4th house,ketu-sagitarrious, 5th house, mercury-aquarious, 7th house, sun, mars, moon-peices, 8th house, venus-aries, 9th house, Rahu- gemini, 11th house.

Please be honest and frank with your answers, even if you have bad news, tell me. At least then I know what to expect.



Thank you for all your help.

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Respected doctor, (believe me one day you will be)


You chart is very good. Your Ketu dasha is running which is sitting in your house of education. THis is most probably causing the hinderance.


Otherwise your Sun and Moon are in 8H aspected By Jupiter, 5L in 4H, 12L in 8H, 1L with 9L, gives you great yogas. your short term memory seems affected, your mind is getting lot of fiery element from sun and mars thus making it sharp. Also there is indication that you may have ot live abroad.


Your saturn is exalted and venus is vargottma.


As your exams are already over, so for now I think following remedies may be helpful for you,


1) Donate a blanket to a needy person

2) Stop wearing multicoloured clothes and wear sobber clothes (not of dull brown colour)

3) pour "satnaja" at ants home daily

4) Put kesar tilk on forehead every day

5) Worship lord ganesha and Lord Shiva

6) Keep fasts on Saturdays


I hope these remedies should help you


Kind Regards


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Thanks Atul for replying to my queries. Just a couple of questions, is saturn a bad planet for me, as though it is exalted in the third house it is retrograde. Also does my chart indicate a career as a doctor?


Thank you so much for your kind and generous efforts



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Saturn is giving you mixed results. It posses malefic properties being lord of 6H and also ruling 7H it is supposed to be benefic as it is it's mooltrikon sign.


As it is exalted in 3H so it will not harm 3H. But its' aspect on House of education, house of Luck and 12H can posses some malefic properties along with benefic properties.


and your chart clearly indicates your profession as a doctor. And your chart shows that this will be the most profitable profession to you


Best of luck

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