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Increasing immune system? I need help

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I have warts all over the bottom of my left foot that will not go away with Compound W, freezing from the doctor, or other chemicals the doctor has given me. I also have had a sore throat for a week in the middle of summer that wont seem to go away. I am male, 6' tall, and 145 lbs. I am mostly Vata with some Pitta. I could also use to put on some extra weight.


How can I increase my immune system?


I already take multi-vitamin, triphala, fruits and vegetables, and sometimes ashwagandha, shatvari, and brahmi together, and Chyawanprash gives me a sore throat. Sugar makes me sick too. I have been to so many doctors, and they can't figure it out.


My nose gets plugged when I drink milk also. The only time I could drink milk without problems was when I was on antibiotics.


Any help would be great.

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