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Problem - Need Expert Advise

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I have been facing lot of hurdles, struggles since childhood in every area of life. In short I put a lot of effort to get success but result come with nil specially carrier wise.


I did MCA from reputated university in 1999 and selected in a multinational company thru campus but company never gave me a joining letter. :crying2:


I got married in same year Apr-1999 and came to USA based on my spouse visa in end of 2000. I never thought I should married in this way but what I do. I felt like I am only puppet in hand of time. I am very self respected and spiritual person but I could not change my destiny.


When I came to USA that time was so bad for new IT grad because 911 happened and dot com bubble busted. Somehow I got a office job in 2002 after enough struggle but not happy with this job. So I returned to India to lookup job again in Sep/Oct 2003 but my destiny decide something else for me. After a month landed in India I gave couple interviews and got Lecturer job in Nigeria in reputed university. I did not want to go back out of India but how could I change my destiny so I go back to Nigeria but did not stay long over there due to my parent/in-Laws forced me to go back USA again to not loose Green Card.


Finally I went back to USA in 2004 with little hope but this time again ended with office job but not happy with such kind of job. Always I thought I can capable to do better but how can I fight to my bad luck. Also I had no mental peace during period 1998 to 2006.


After lots of struggle and prayer I got first break in IT in 2007 as Application Support Eng. I was so happy at that time. In meanwhile I got two daughter so my wife decide to go back India for good and she finally returned back to India in 2008. In this job I never got any promotion and salary raise but I am doing more than I was hired for. I am trying to switch job but hard in this economy and afraid my bad life experience.


I am planning to go back India to join my family in next one or two year but undecided to what I will do over there, also feared about my bad life

experience. I am not sure do I do some business or looking for job in my medium class city (Specially very hard to find IT job in my home town).

Moneywise I am not doing very good. Also I told by some astrologer regards my KAY/KSY in my chart but they took good amount of money in the name of rituals but none effective.


Please provide your expert advise on my situation and few questions below -


1. What are the chart saying about my carrier ? Is business good for me and if yes please let me know what area it should be.

2. What is the good period to return back India.

3. Always I cheated by people, when it will end up ?

4. Do I earn good amount of money?


Here is my birth Detail -

DOB: 30-MAY-1973

Time: 5:10 am

Place: Deoria (UP) Latitude: 26o30'N, Longitude: 83o47'E.

Gender: Male



Any help would be appreciated.



With regard-

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