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Argala and vipreet argala.

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Ch. 31. Argala, or Intervention from Grahas


1. O Maharishi Parashar, you have told of auspicious effects, related to Argala. Kindly narrate its conditions and effects.

2-9. Formation of Argala. Maitreya, I explain below Argala to know the definite effects of Bhavas and Grahas. Grahas in the 4th, 2nd and the 11th cause Argalas, while obstructors of the Argala will be those in the 10th, 12th and 3rd from a Bhava, or a Grah. If the Argala causing Grah is stronger than the obstructing one, the former will prevail. Or, if the number of Argalas are more than the obstructing Grahas, then also the Argala will prevail. If there are 3, or more malefics in the 3rd they will cause Vipreet Argala (more effective intervention), which will also be harmless and be very favourable. The 5th is also an Argala place, while the Grah in the 9th will counteract such Argala. As Rahu and Ketu have retrograde motions, the Argalas and obstructions be also counted accordingly in a reverse manner. Maharishis say, that the Argala, caused by one Grah, will yield limited effect, by two medium and by more than two, excellent effects. Argalas should be counted from a Rashi, or a Grah, as the case may be. The Argala, which is unobstructed will be fruitful, while the one duly obstructed will go astray. The Argala effects will be derived in the Dasha periods of the Rashi, or Grah concerned.

Notes. ‘Argala’ in Sanskrit is figuratively used to denote an impediment, or obstruction. Some suggest, that the Argala obstruction places are countable from the Argala place instead of from the original place, or Grah. This is not logical and a glance into Gochar Vedha (obstructions during transits) will confirm our findings.

10. Special. The Argala, caused by placement of a Grah in the first one fourth part of the Rashi, is countered by another, placed in the 4th quarter of the respective obstructive Rashi. Similarly 2nd quarter’s Argala is eliminated by the 3rd quarter placement of another Grah.

Notes. If the Argala causing Grah and the obstructing Grah are in the respective quarters, the obstruction will come to pass. Otherwise not.

11-17. Argala Effects. Should there be Argala for the Arudh Pad, for the natal Lagn and for the 7th from both, the native will be famous and fortunate. A malefic, or a benefic, causing unobstructed Argala, giving a Drishti to Lagn will make one famous. Similarly a malefic, or a benefic, causing unobstructed Argala, giving a Drishti to Dhan Bhava denotes acquisition of wealth and grains, to Sahaj Bhava happiness from co-born, to Bandhu Bhava residences, quadrupeds and relatives, to Putr Bhava sons, grand sons and intelligence, to Ari Bhava fear from enemies, to Yuvati Bhava abundant wealth and marital happiness, to Randhr Bhava difficulties, to Dharm Bhava fortunes, to Karm Bhava royal honour, to Labh Bhava gains and to Vyaya Bhava expenses. The Argala by benefics will give various kinds of happiness, while benefic effects will be meddling with malefic Argalas. Argala by both benefics and malefics will yield results.

Notes. 1. Argala can be caused by a benefic, which is known, as Subh Argala. This Argala can be from a malefic also, so that the benefic, causing Argala, stalls the malefic role. If the benefic’s Argala is obstructed by another, then the benefic will become ineffective in Argala and the first-mentioned malefic will operate freely.

2. Argala can be by a malefic with reference to a benefic, so that the native does not enjoy good effects, due to the benefic. This is Pap (malefic) Argala. If the Argala is eliminated by a benefic, or a malefic, then the first mentioned benefic will be at liberty to act, according to his own disposition.

18. Should there be (unobstructed) Argala for Lagn, Putr and Dharm Bhava, the native will doubtlessly become a king and fortunate.

TP Example - 07-21-2002, 04:34 AM By SH.PV Narsima rao,the creator of jagan nath Hora.


Om Vishnave Namah



I am giving an example of TP that show the efficacy of taking Sun in his natal sign in TP charts.


Example: Yasser Arafat (2001-02)


29th August 19292:05 am

TZ: 2:00 (East of GMT)31 E 15', 30 N 03'

Consider the 2001-02 chart. In the natal chart, Sun is in Le. Chairman Arafat

was born on Krishna Navami tithi (lunar day) of Sravana lunar month, with

22.44% of the tithi left at birth. If you find Krishna Navami tithi of Sravana

month in 2001, it was on 13th Aug 2001. At 4:13:56 pm, exactly 22.44% of the

tithi was left. However, Sun was in Cn. As per the approach I am teaching, this

is not the annual TP chart. But, let us suppose it is (because the lunar month

also matches - Sravana). Cast the chart for


13th August 20014:13:56 pmTZ: 2:00 (East of GMT)31 E 15', 30 N 03'


+--------------+| | |Mo

Sa |Ju Ve || | | |Ra HL ||

| | | || | | |

|| | | |

||-----------+-----------------------+-----------|| |

|Su || | | ||

| | || | |

|| | | ||-----------|

Rasi |-----------|| | |Me ||

| | || |

| || | | || |


||-----------+-----------------------+-----------||As Ke |Ma Md |GL

|AL || |Gk | | ||

| | | || | | |

|| | | |


In this chart, lagna lord is aspecting lagna from 7th. Chairman Arafat was

virtually imprisoned in his own office in this year. But lagna lord in 7th does

not show bandhana. The 12th lord is in 12th and that again gives Vimala yoga and

not bandhana. The 3rd from AL is occupied by a really strong Mars and aspected

by Mars. This does not explain his loss of face and climbdown in the face of

Israeli aggression. Venus, Rahu and Ketu (6th, 3rd and 12th lords) join lagna

lord in a quadrant and this gives a sustained Viparita Raja Yoga in which the

power is transferred to lagna lord. Moon (8th lord) and Saturn (3rd lord) form

another Viparita Raja Yoga in 6th and it shows some sudden rise.


On the whole, this chart makes no sense and does not explain what happened to

Chairman Arafat in the year. Now let us consider the approach I taught.


Now consider Krishna Navami tithi during the solar month of Simha (i.e. Sun in

Leo). It was on 12th Sept 2001. At 2:14:59 am, exactly 22.44% of Krishna Navami

tithi was left. Though it was Bhadrapada month (as opposed to Sravana month

running when Arafat was born), Sun was in the same sign as at birth. So it

counts as the annual TP chart.


12th September 20012:14:59 amTZ: 2:00 (East of GMT)31 E 15', 30 N 03'


+--------------+|Md | |Sa

HL |Mo Ju || | |AL |Ra ||

| | | || | | |

|| | | |

||-----------+-----------------------+-----------||Gk |

|As Ve || | | ||

| | || | |

|| | | ||-----------|

Rasi |-----------|| | |Su ||

| | || |

| || | | || |


||-----------+-----------------------+-----------||Ma Ke | |

|Me ||GL | | | ||

| | | || | | |

|| | | |



In this chart, lagna lord Moon is in 12th with 6th lord and Rahu. Particularly

Rahu afflicts Moon within a couple of degrees. Moreover, bandhana sahamam

(imprisonment) lord Mars joins Ketu within a degree and closely aspects lagna

lord Moon. All these very clearly show bandhana (imprisonment/restriction)

during the year! Moreover, bandhana sahamam is in the 10th house and his

bandhana was in his office. Lord Mars is in 6th with Ketu and shows a

relentless enemy. Saturn in AL shows fall in image. Venus in 3rd from AL

explains his climbdown under Israeli and American pressure very well. Being in

the 3rd from AL, Venus gives loss of boldness. Moreover, being the badhaka

afflicting lagna, he gives a lot of worries too. His dasa ran during June and



Overall, the second chart explains the events much better than the first one.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,Narasimhahttp://www.VedicAstrologer.org

PS: For a day-long class on TP by me and Sanjay ji, consider attending the SJVC

conference in August. For details, please visit



We will be teaching the technique of TP starting from the very beginning. Anyone

who has had a decent introduction to Jyotisha and knows the basics can follow

this lecture. This technique has so far been a secret and now it is open to






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