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Changes in Life/ Influence of Rahu, Shani and Marriage

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Dear respected members,


Please study the horoscope of myself and my wife and please suggest the influence of Shani, Rahu and marriage. (got married in March, 2009 - this year).


My Guru maha dasa is coming to an end next year with Shani dasa starting.

I studied and worked in US from Aug 2001 to June 2009 and just last month relocated to India on job basis. (this was a big decision and can be changed in within the next 8 months).


My marriage happened during Guru mahadasa and Rahu antardasa. My wife has rahu in 7th house and ketu in lagna(she is running Rahu dasa now). Her horoscope details can be seen at the end.


If I am not wrong, I have the following yogas in my chart: Gajakesari Yoga (Jupiter in 7th house from Moon) and Raja Yoga (Kendra Lord - 4th house Shani and Kona lord -5th house - Guru in conjunction and both in kendra from moon). Lagna lord kuja is in laaba staana. I have a strong Navamsa chart to back up (Guru and Kuja exaltation)


When compared to a lot of people of my age, I would consider myself with strong religous inclination having got mantra deeksha from famous Gurus.

I also correlate the occurence of events in my life based on the progress of my sadhana.


During the stay in US, my decisions got weakend with fickle mindedness dominated. My career and sadhana was not smooth though I was financially strong.


Though I have Gajakesari yoga, I do not see a leader coming out of me so far and I have not had an opportunity to lead teams in my career so far.


Possible reasons?

Shani in 10th house in simha Rasi with Ravi being in ashtama. Budha being vakra with Rahu attributing towards my wavering decisions?


In a couple of years, I would like to invest my time and money in MBA leaving job for a year. (in 2011). Would this be a good move? Does my Chart reflect leadership and business acumen?


Ashtama Shani would be starting for me in September this year and for my wife it would be ending at the same time.


Here are my horoscope details:


DOB: 2nd July, 1980

TOB:5:05 PM

POB:Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India

Star:Satabisham, 1st padam

Lagna Lord: Kuja


Here are the horoscope details of my wife:


DOB: 21st July, 1986

TOB: 1:30 PM

POB: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Star: Uttarashada 4th padam


She has 4 planets in retrogade, so I could not identify any yogas accurately. Inspite of my suggestions, at this point she is not interested in taking up a job. She stayed with me in US for a short duration (Mar 2009 to June 2009) and got health problems in April 2009. She is not happy with my decision in coming back to India.


Based on the above mentioned details, please suggest whether staying in India or US would be beneficial in all aspects and my career towards business and leadership profile.




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Dear Rishi Sir,


Thanks for your wise reply. If you do not mind, could you please share how you came with that conclusion.


How Shani dasa would be much better than Guru Dasa. I am surprised and happy with this conclusion.

- is it because Shani is the adhipathi of my Raasi. Guru is weaker than Shani in my chart?

How staying in USA would be much beneficial.



Are these based on just my horoscope or based on both mine and my wife's horoscope.

Please do not take me otherwise in asking this way. Knowing the reasons would make me feel more confident.


If time permits, please throw some light on leadership and business acumen as well.


Thanks a lot,



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