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Geneticaly modified Food in our NATURAL farms

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I want my Father back - Part 1 of 2



Watch these videos and let me know what do YOU think.


Genetic engineering uses material from organisms that have never been part of the human food supply to change the fundamental nature of the food we eat. Without long-term testing no one knows if these foods are safe.


Insects, birds, and wind can carry genetically altered seeds into neighboring fields and beyond. Pollen from transgenic plants can cross-pollinate with genetically natural crops and wild relatives. All crops, organic and non-organic, are vulnerable to contamination from cross-pollinatation. This is a THREAT to ENTIRE food supply.



Genetic engineering can cause unexpected mutations in an organism, which can create new and higher levels of toxins in foods


Transgenic foods may mislead consumers with fake freshness. A luscious-looking, bright red genetically engineered tomato could be several weeks old and of little nutritional worth.


There is a disruption of essential genes essential to life of organism by genetically moving genes from one organism to another. A gene can be cut precisely from the DNA of an organism, but the insertion into the DNA of the target organism is basically RANDOM.


There was deadly epidemic in the late 1980s from the genetically engineered version of L-tryptophan, a food supplement, that was introduced into the market. An estimated 10,000 people became permanently disabled and about 100 died.


Herbicides and pesticides in food??


Scientists estimate that plants genetically engineered to be herbicide-resistant will greatly increase the amount of herbicide use. Farmers, knowing that their crops can tolerate the herbicides, use them more liberally.

Genetically engineered crops often manufacture their own pesticides and may be classified as pesticides by the EPA. This strategy will put more pesticides into our food and fields than ever before.


You know the most dangerous of all is once genetically engineered organisms, bacteria and viruses are released into the environment it is impossible to contain or recall them. Unlike chemical or nuclear contamination, negative effects are IRREVERSIBLE

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These chemists will be able to afford to send their children to the best schools money can afford! —What an irony.

These industrial chemists are like the Evil-megalomaniacs seen in 007 James Bond Spy Thrillers —Yes, along with the campy quasi-sci-fi tongue-in-cheek self-mockery into the bargain!! —What an irony.

When I was a child —Grandpa Munster's recipes were the stuff that caused nausea just to hear the ingredients —now we serve humanity with worse things then ever feared! —What an irony.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Who is the iconic Grandpa Munster? See how Humanity has aculturated itself to accepting the bizarre as commonplace:

The Munsters Today TV Show, TV is your reference guide to The Munsters ... Herman uses Grandpa's bizarre recipe for a cooking contest


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