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What to look for foreign residence?

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Which house (from lagna) is important to look at for foreign residence? 3rd, 9th and 12th are to be seen for travel, but how to differentiate travel from permanent residence abroad?

eg. My chart has Mars, Venus and Ketu in the 9th house. Does it signify residence abroad?


This person has been told he will stay abroad by more than one astrologer.

This is his chart



2- Asc



5- Sun, Mer, Sat

6- Rah

7- Mar Ven







In my research (learning), I see travel abroad, but not residence. Can anyone see it in this chart?

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Always give your birth data like date of birth,time & place.Simply giving the locations of the planets in a single chart does not help.Astrologers will have to look in to the relevant chart based on your birth input to help you with a reply.

If I am not wrong ,you were born on 14-9-1978 between 11 Pm &11-30Pm(night) in the Star Dhanishta 3rd.

Give the exact details.Experts may guide you.You also please go through the first PINNED THREAD for necessary guidance on posting a question.

Best wishes

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dear Jyotipethe,

If the birth data furnished by you is correct,then you have provided a wrong chart in your question with the location of SUN along with Mer & Sat in Leo (5th as per you),instead of Virgo.As per the date & time provided Sun should be in Virgo along with Rahu.

This is the reason why should one give the birth data to seek appropriate guidance but giving the planet locations wrongly will only misguide the guides.

This is why I advised you to go through the pinned first thread posted by classic72 Ji for proper guidance as to how to place a question properly for prompt responses from guides on this forum.Please follow.

Hope some stalwarts will look in to you question.

Best wishes

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I have given the whole chart in my original post. And I gave birth details of the person I am talking about.

If you read the original post carefully, you'll see there are two parts of it.

First half I mention my chart, but do not ask guidance abt it.

I have detailed another chart, which is confusing.

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