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Aborigines came from India to Australia, genetics indicate

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Aborigines came from South Asia to Australia, genetics indicate : Australasia World

New Delhi, Wed, 22 Jul 2009 03:47:39 GMT - A genetic examination of Aborigines indicated that they arrived in Australia from the Indian subcontinent, Indian researchers said. Certain mutations found in today's Indian population are shared only by Aborigines, the researchers said in an article published Wednesday in the open-access science journal BMC Evolutionary Biology. Anthropologist Raghavendra Rao and a team at the government's Anthropological Survey of India analysed 966 genomes of mitochondria, dubbed the powerhouses of cells, which convert energy from food so it can be used by cells. The mitochondria examined in the study were inherited exclusively from the subjects' mothers and, therefore, allowed the researchers to trace their subjects' ancestry. They found that certain mutations in Indian tribal people are found otherwise only in Aborigines. These shared genetics indicated that the Aborigines migrated to Australia over the "southern route."This dispersal of the world's human population suggests a migration at least 50,000 years ago from the Horn of Africa to Arabia and South Asia before human expansion along the coastlines of South-East Asia, Indonesia and then Australia.

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