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Sanjeeva Rao Sir- Request- Astama Shani

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I have been time and again told that my mercury AD which is going to start in a month from now is going to bring a new good life for me after my hell Shani MD-Shani AD from July 2006..

No one could tell me why Shani Yogakaraka did hell to me during this period.

I am premature aeging from that time.. i look like a 40 yer old person now...no job..no marriage.. in rags...

but the shock for me came when i read other post of urs that astama shani cant do any good even if yogakaraka...

now virgo is my 8th from moon ..and shani is transiting virgo soon...

just confirm that i will have more hell .. i think that is enough for me to ....


i want to prepare for even more worst...


i am wearing pearl after ur suggestion in email..


birth details

5th july 1977

3.50 am




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Dear Unanth,

Entire Ashtama Shani period is not bad for you. Transit period from 10-9-2009 till 25-11-09 and 6-3-10 to 18-8-10 are Vedha periods.You have to take care of your health.Puja to Lord Shani on Saturdays and donating sesame seeds to brahmins gives relief.Also donate for feeding the poor and aged people helps.

In your natal chart Shani is in 6-8 relation to your Moon(Birth star),so regular prayers to Sri Hanumanji / Shani brings success and removes hurdles.

with best wishes,


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