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Guru mahadasha & Tula Lagna

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Dear Gurujis,

The native has suffered a lot in guru mahadasha.He lost his house,job,money & reputation.The guru is melefic for tula lagna & is placed in its own 6th house.Will the native get back ever to the same position or continue to suffer in the times to come?Is he suffering from any other dosha ? he is wearing Blue sapphire & Green emerald.No remedy has worked for him.In navansha kundali the saturn is in its uchcha rashi.What effect sadesatti will have on the native.

DOB-2nd feb 1964

TOB-00:40 hours

POB_ Yamuna Nagar ( Haryana)


looking for a positive response from the gurujans.

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after 66 views i am yet to see any reply.is it worthless or unable to see the problem in horoscope.I am hoping that any of the guru jan will take up the challenge to look in to the problem that horoscope has..

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Dear Umashankar ji,


*The native has done rudra abhisheka.

* He has done jap of Mata Bagulamukhi

* Upaya of offering water to Pipal tree on saturday.

*Fasting on friday for Ma Lakshmi.

* Upaya for Rahu.

* Offering chola to Sri Hanumaan ji on Tuesday.

there are so many remedies that he has done on regular basis.Where is the problem in his horoscope that he is Jobless & its difficult for him to make both ends meet.Some of the positives that you can look in horoscope are as under.

* saturn in 5th H , Rajyoga karak & mooltrikon Rashi.

*Lagnesh Venus in 5th H

*Jupiter in own rashi.

* Rahu & ketu in Uchcha Rashi.

*Mars in Uchcha Rashi

Please look in o navansha kundali as well.



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continue doing the remedies for Shani that you are doing i.e offering water to Pipal tree on saturday, Offering chola to Sri Hanumaan ji on Tuesday


additionally on thursdays spend more time at gurudwara, fast on thursdays and try to donate whatever you can afford to a priest.

try to be vegetarian.


Horoscope is a manifestation of past karma, so we cant avoid certain happenings.

am sorry for you and mishaps but you will do well. keep faith and keep praying.

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