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Which is more important?

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Why is always Krsna in the picture, Theist? Where is Balaram, the twin brother of Krsna? What do you think is Balaram`s opinion? There are two sides of the coin. And I want to know Balaram`s side on this grave matter. If there`s a ying, there`s a yang to it. The negative and the opposite. Without it there`s no attraction. There`s no electricity without the negative and the positive come clashing together. That`s the ecosystem at work here. Carnivores have reincarnated into human beings and they are now eating hogs, cows, and chickens or else this planet would be inhabited by trillions of animals and they are being fed by multitudes of human beings who don`t eat meat!


People would stop breeding them.


Now stop pretending that your desire to enjoy your senses is anything else than just that. After you accept this, you can change.


Many of the people on this forum were once meat eaters, and they have accepted meat eating as the pointless activity which it is, and discarded it.


Do you think Adi Sankara was a meat eater? What about Sri Caitanya? Sai Baba?


Meat eating is what you do when there is nothing else to eat. Fortunately, there is plenty else to eat for everyone in the western world. Stop the pretending, and face the facts.


Also, Balaram is not the opposite of Krishna, where did you get that idea from? They aren't YIN and Yang, that Chinese philosophy. Please stop making things up.

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Here are the sad statistics :


While hunger is prevalent in some parts of the world, a large portion of grains and other plant food grown is being used to feed factory-farmed animals which are then killed for food. Grains could be grown to feed humans instead of raising those extra-zillion animals artificially.


The large scale meat industry is bad for the environment. It rips off the earth.




FROM Krishna.org :

Simple Living–High Thinking | Hare Krishna Community


Some of the environmental effects of a meat-based diet are:


• “Raising livestock and poultry is a food consuming, not food-producing, operation. Many more humans can be supported on the same agricultural base if livestock and poultry are eliminated from the food chain and humans feed on the second trophic level rather than the third.”


• “Factory farming is resource-intensive and wasteful, which is partly why the Union of Concerned Scientists in their publication, The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices considers reducing our meat consumption as one of the most important things we can do to help the environment. Anywhere from seven to 16 lbs. of grain are needed to create one pound of edible cow flesh.”

• “John Robbins, author of the book, “Diet for a New America,” reveals some interesting statistics on America’s production of animal flesh and fluid: Raising animals for food requires more than one-third of all raw materials and fossil fuels in the U.S. If we all adopted a vegetable-based diet, only 2 percent of raw materials would be used.”




Humans are born herbivores : A Reasearch Paper (Please scroll down to the summary section.)


The Comparative Anatomy of Eating

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