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FYI San Francisco Ratha Yatra SATURDAY July 25th

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BTG gets San Francisco Ratha Yatra Date Wrong!




Dear Prabhus,


Back to Godhead Magazine
has made a major mistake. They have printed that the San Francisco Ratha Yatra is on Sunday the 26th. This is NOT correct!


The date of the
San Francisco Ratha Yatra is on SATURDAY JULY 25th 2009



PS. We hope that the editors of the BTG issue a statement on their website correcting their mistake.


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They should send out an invitation to the congregational members with the correct date, so that people don't show up on Sunday. Or they should call them directly. This year they were pre-empted by a race or something, and had to take Saturday instead of Sunday. I thought Rathayatra WAS a race. Lord Jagannath always wins !!


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Bump to top.


I want to keep this visible until the event day. The thought of someone wanting to attend but going on the wrong day is very trouble some.


I used to hitchhike from Portland Oregon to attend this festival in the very early 70's when Srila Prabhupada would also come and ride on Lady Subadra's cart and also speak to the crowd which then was as large as 10,000 people. Many of the best moments in my little life are from those festivals in Golden Gate park.


Jaya Lord Jagannatha!

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If you are fortunate you will be able to hear Dravida Das answer questions. He is very together, and when he sings Rupa's poems it is out of this world. I sat and listened to him last Saturday at Toronto's Ratha Yatra and it was a very pleasant time.




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