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Do you think the class action suit, if won, will make any difference

in this?

Nope! At least not in the short to medium range. State's rights to

control their own rules and laws win. The Supreme Court (as I

understand it) has repeatedly upheld the rights of each state to

govern themselves.

Dr. Moering, if you read the complaints...I think you will see we

are not addressing the state's rights....we are addressing the

negligent marketing of this test without appropriate scientific

research to back the claims. I do believe there is NO debate that

research was NOT completed on the effects of incidental alcohol or

endogenous alcohol and NO adequate cut-off was established to

distinguish incidental from beverage alcohol use. Labs market this

as 'the gold standard'...positive only from BEVERAGE alcohol use

(NWTox web site prior to the WSJ article). 'If the answer has to

be 'yes' or 'no'(still on the web sites)! What is that telling

you....doesn't leave much room for interpretation or the fact that it

could be incidental...does it??? I have to say that I believe this

suit WILL make a difference because labs will learn that they cannot

falsly market a test that takes away innocent people's livelyhoods,

children or freedoms for the sake of making money!

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