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Dear Denis,

The 3rd house and planet in it denotes the karkatva for 8th

house, so also death. For natural death, the mahadasha of 3rd house

or related to lord of 3rd house should be there.

If the death is occured due to some other reason, the

mahadasha may be as per the karkatva, but mostly the sub lord is

related to 8th house.



, Denis Labouré <Laboure@W...>


> Dear Krushna,


> I am currently studying the messages about death charts. When death

happens, le maha dasha is:

> * linked to 3rd lord

> * in 3rd house with more points

> * samdharmi to 3rd lord.


> I want to be sure I have understood all the technical points. So,

could you remind me all the ways a planet may be linked to 3rd lord?


> Thanks a lot

> Denis




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this world is not going to destroy yet.it has its own life cycle which i think difficult to guess.if all human dies ,there would be new evolution and a new civilization and emergence of new spices.

i have not understood you point of Many famous people.

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