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atul/wathisfree/mylilangel and others--3rd house analysis

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hi guys


i know i am a controversial figure in this forum..

i am asking you to analyse my 3rd house of courage/bravery...

i am not asking for remedies nor predictions but for analysis astrologically as i want to learn..


birth details

5th july 1977

3.50 am



Astrological Observations-----

3rd house aflicted by saturn(so called yogakaraka) in neecha sign of moon in parivarthana from moon in 6-8 relationship...

saturn is lord of gulika and mandi ...

saturn is aspected by mars from 12th and vice versa

Mars is my AK


Facts ---

i am a very Mars kind of a guy but fail when it comes to revolt or retaliation or point blank communication .fail to retaliate with any guys inspite of injustice all the time.. actually a timid and dead guy..

but seem to be a guy who manages to manage things in a manageable way(may be because of arudha of the house(not sure) )

also is combust mercury a cause?


I request you guys to analyse and interpret my 3rd house in terms of 3rd house and its arudha so that i can understand and find ways to overcome my predicament..


please do participate and reply so that i may learn,



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