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Can anyone help us in career and life study

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Dear sir


My husband is facing problems in his job. He is not getting promotions even his juniors got. He is very depressed. He never satisfied with his job. Normally he changes his job within one or one half year. Now he wants to change his job. Can he succeed in his attempt? Due to this frequent changes in job it is affecting both financially as well as family matters also. Can anyone guide me how our lives will be ? What are the remedies we have to observe?

My date of birth is 31stAugust 1969,Place Guntur(AP) at 7.15am

My Spouse date of birth 4th November 1966 Chittor(AP) at 9.00pm


Kindly help me. I am badly in need of help,guidance


with best regards


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first of all u both are very lucky to have each other with great bondage of true love

ur husband has gaj kesari yog in 2nd house whiich will make him achive great heights

one day but since 2004 he is not getting real and equal fruits of his hardwork which is due to ketu's dasha which will end in 2011 after which venus dasha will begin.

now some of the points which should be observed are:

in daily material life

1.do not disclose ur plans to others

2. ur whole life ur collegues will be jealous of ur husband always so be modest and never praise urself or get urself praised in front of others pray to godess kali on saturdays or do dristi dosh nivaran pooja regularly or chant mantra of godess durga

otherwise ur sucess will be delayed always.

3.be optimistic and believe in ur luck u should drink sweet lassi with butter in morning for that.

4.never to take non veg food ,packeted foods, and do not take milk or milk products after sunset.

remedies which are spirtual in nature will have more effects are-

1.visit temple and donate funds for their development do not donate anything to beggers or someone who can do his work (i e helathy person) instead donate to old age people diabled ,blind etc on every thursdays or mondays.

2. to reduce the effect of ketu read about chinnmastika mata from following site

Kaal Sarp Yog - KaalSarpYog, Rahu Maharaaj, Rahu and Ketu, Mahayagya, Horoscope, Maa Kaal Vinashini Kaali Dhaam Remedy of Kaal Sarp Yog

if regular prayer to her is done ur ketu dasha will pass on lsmoothly as silk

ALSO U MUST visit her temple which is called "chintpurni temple " located in himachal pradesh devote some time over there which will provide great success in ur life.




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