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shweta mukerjee

why god hates me???????

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namaste gurujan


mi shweta who is really facing a pathetic condition in life. why is it me every time. my last asset my home in mumbai getting sold coz of debts.tell me one solution if any to come out of this situation.i dont want my house to get sold.also any other way.to improve this situation.


my name is shweta dob 20th july 1977 time 6.50 am at patna bihar.

got married on 2003 to my husband -dob is 24th oct 1973 at delhi time 8.05 am.as we r facing very worst financial condition .my husband was wearing pokhrajj and panna .I 'VE REMOVED THEM. (as said by an astrologer) we r still in same condition our income is 10k and expences r coming 16kevery month all loans.now we r no where.every day things r getting worst.i have heard only astrological calculation can tell if things will get more worst or they will overcome.can u tell me a way and time when we can come out of this.:pray: please do me a favour.




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guruji your word shows me a thin line of light in my darkness.


Dear Swetha,

You would find relief by September when both of you would be seeing better times.I suggest you visit Shiva temple on thursdays and observe fasting during day and offer baked chick peas(Channa) to Shiva.You would find relief.If possible adorn Shiva with yellow flowers and bilwa leaves on thursday.My best wishes and blessings to you both.You can wear yellow topaz weighing not less than 3 carots embedded in gold or copper with open cutting

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respected gurujan


thank you is a very little word to tell but still i am thankful to u all. one more quarry i have that should my husband wear diamond and i wear moti

will it be ok.please tell me sir it will really help me.i am waiting for answer .

also lots of thanks to tell me that from september we will be coming to a ok situation.it seems one thin line of hope to me in this dark clouds.

i am great ful to all of u who tried to help me in all the ways u can. even after your busy schedule u gave me time.


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