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When will I have mental peace ?

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Dear Gurujis,


I am undergoing through a lot of mental stress with regards to my career and personal life. When I will have a good career break ? I am desparately waiting. Inspite of my hard work, there is no recognition at all. Should I continue with this career or opt for doing something on my own. Will I be able to achieve better life like that. Please read my horoscope and guide me accordingly. Also, we have been desparately trying for a second child, but not able to succeed. Please foresee from our horoscopes whether we will be having a second issue or not ?


My details : DOB : 16.09.1973, TOB : 06.30 AM, Place : Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Spouse details : DOB : 02.01.1968, TOB : 11.30 AM, Place : Chennai.




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you need remedies for Mercury, moon and Saturn by yantra,mantra .

Your present vimshotarri dash is Mars Md and rahu bhukti.

To break your rahu-ketu axis you have to worship your ista deva which is lord krishna.

I have very effective gemstone for you, you have to person email me with detail chronicle of your life history and remedies you have done so far.

for your query regarding second children ,many senior and reputed member of this forum has already answer you query.

God bless you

Rishi vatsyayan

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Pranaam Gurujis,


Can you please indicate whether any other remedies can be carried out other than wearing gem stones (as I am not favourable for this) to improve my situation with regards to my career and progeny prospects. Also can you please provide me the dasha chart indicating different periods.


I would like to inform that some of the Gurujis have indicated in this forum to continue medication / not to go for the second child at this stage / will conceive naturally etc. So I am a bit confused and worried what to follow. That is the reason I have put the request again for progeny prospects... Please predict if any progeny prospects are indicated in the near future naturally or any medication is required to be taken ( my husband is not in favour of any medication as we have undergone a lot of problems while concieving my first child).


Wife DOB : 16.09.1973, TOB : 06.30 AM, Place : Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Husband DOB : 02.01.1968, TOB : 11.30 AM, Place : Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.




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